With ‘house of wolves’ dlc, ‘destiny’ finally feels complete

With ‘House of Wolves’ DLC, ‘Destiny’ Finally Feels Complete

I was a Destiny fan before it dropped and even before the beta. Thanks to friends who deeply enjoy such things, I saw countless gameplay videos. Every time we got wind of a new feature, we discussed it at length. When Destiny launched and was not, apparently, what others had expected, I wasn’t disappointed. I knew what…

Retro game review: marathon

Retro Game Review: Marathon

The Credo of Marathon: Move fast  Seize the initiative  Wield superior firepower Dive into the melee  Anticipate enemy movements  Slaughter the defenseless  Endure Back before Bungie hit it off with the first Halo and became a household name, it was a little known company that made a variety of games almost exclusively for the Macintosh….

Destiny – first look

Destiny – First Look

Destiny is finally here! Your destiny, my destiny, everyone’s destiny…. Other wordplay that insinuates this has something to with preordained greatness and not just a videogame! After an Alpha and a Beta, there’s not too much to sticky beak at in a ‘first look’. By the third time around, is it really that impressive to…

Destiny beta: intel, impressions and review

Destiny Beta: Intel, Impressions and Review

With downloadable content and the ability to track player information, open betas have allowed developers to fully test games publicly before their official launch.  A company who have made use of this ability in the past is Bungie, launching betas for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.  With the company’s time with Halo over, Bungie has…

‘destiny’ beta: what you need to know

‘Destiny’ Beta: What You Need To Know

From the creators of Halo and the company that delivered Call of Duty (see fanboys? No need to flame over which game is better, even though it’s obviously Halo) comes the shared-world shooter game titled Destiny. In Destiny, you play as the last Spartan defending Earth. Wait, no. You play as a Guardian defending the…

Halo 4 – what went wrong?

Halo 4 – What Went Wrong?

Halo 4 had a lot to live up to. The decade-long partnership between Halo developer Bungie and Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft had finally come to an end in 2010. It was now up to in-house developer 343 Industries (343i) to take up the reigns and deliver the next exciting chapter in the Halo series. While…

Xbox one: microsoft’s next-gen console revealed!

Xbox One: Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Revealed!

Xbox One: Everything You Need To Know at Geek Insider Microsoft have officially announced its new Xbox One video games console at its big Xbox reveal event yesterday. This new console will focus on the use of motion controls,  allow users to switch between gaming and television and will feature new games such as Destiny, Call…

Halo: reach – master chief’s secret origin

Halo: Reach – Master Chief’s Secret Origin

It’s been roughly six months since Halo 4 was released and just as long since we’ve heard anything about Halo series hero Master Chief. But with Microsoft’s announcement of their new Xbox One and E3 2013 just around the corner, it’s really only a matter of time before the mean, green alien punching machine makes…



Bungie finally unveils After months of speculation Bungie has finally broken the silence on their new IP, Destiny. And it looks immense. Essentially, despite what they say, it looks like Bungie are creating a massively-multiplayer-first-person-shooter with some RPG elements thrown into the mix for good measure. Humanity on the brink of extinction, time traveling robots,…