Sonasoft and driving artificial intelligence in enterprise forward

SonaSoft and Driving Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Forward

Sonasoft is a San Jose based company that understands the value of artificial intelligence and its significance for the world of enterprise. The firm has been a public entity for more than six years. It focuses on providing value-added artificial intelligence optimized solutions aimed at behemoth enterprise organizations. It has an edge because it uses…

Is clearview  making you nervous?

Is Clearview Making You Nervous?

Technology is exciting. But there are some costs to technological advances, and one clear one is to our privacy. Read this for a primer on the privacy concerns surrounding Clearview’s facial recognition tech.

Get hyped for westworld season 3

Get Hyped for Westworld Season 3

HBO’s Westworld is Coming Back in 2020 HBO offered a treat to all the Westworld fans earlier this week when they released a semi-cryptic and eerie clip, implying the release of the third season.  The teaser trailer hints at a tremendously evolved season in store for fans of Westworld. They referenced real-world events down to…

The era of digital education: does the way you get an education still matter?

The Era of Digital Education: Does the Way You Get an Education Still Matter?

In our time, online learning is gaining popularity every day, which can outrage the adherents of traditional education. But are there any contradictions between the first and the second? And is it important how you get knowledge nowadays? Let’s see. The History of Digital Education The history of distance learning begins at the end of…

Sophia the robot: a giant leap forward for ai or all smoke & mirrors?

Sophia the Robot: A Giant Leap Forward for AI or All Smoke & Mirrors?

Just about every time you turn around lately, Sophia the robot is making an appearance. Whether it be on TV’s The Daily Show or the cover of the March edition of Cosmopolitan India, Hanson Robotics’ covergirl is about to officially turn 3 years old and her popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all….

Sony releases beatles-inspired song made with a. I. Software

Sony Releases Beatles-Inspired Song Made with A.I. Software

Last week Sony revealed that they’ve created two new pop songs by use of artificial intelligence. The songs were made at a Sony CSL Research Laboratory using the company’s Flow Machines software which learns musical styles from a catalog of songs and then compiles various combos of style transfer, interaction techniques, and optimization. The French…

The future of sex: robophilia to rule in 2050

The Future of Sex: Robophilia to Rule in 2050

In 35 years, you’ll be more likely to have sex with a robot than with a real person. Sound like something from a bad sci-fi movie? Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson doesn’t think so. In his shocking new report, Dr. Pearson predicts that “robophilia” will become more popular as sex technology evolves. Advancements in virtual reality…

Mad scientist tech any super villain would geek out over

Mad Scientist Tech Any Super Villain Would Geek Out Over

Imagine living in a future where laser weapons are blasting robots out of the sky like something out of a Skynet battle scene from Terminator. A time when the oceans are filled with loyal armies of cybernetic animals engineered to dismantle bombs and attack spies, and rocket drones can land and re-launch from across the globe,…

The newest addition to a pantheon of sentient robot films: chappie

The Newest Addition To A Pantheon Of Sentient Robot Films: CHAPPiE

Robots, Aliens, and Mullets, Oh My! I recall my jaw dropping the moment the trailer for District 9 (2009) hit about its midway point and revealed that a race of aliens were going to be the main plot point of a film that I, moments prior, thought was going to be about some boring contemporary social issue….

Elon musk: ai potentially more dangerous than nukes

Elon Musk: AI Potentially More Dangerous Than Nukes

Artificial Intelligence takes over the world and exterminates or condemns the remnants of humanity to living in subterranean slums. Sound familiar? It’s just the premise for several Sci-Fi movies out there. Or is it? Over the weekend Tesla CEO, Elon Musk tweeted: “We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”…

Movie review: spike jonze’s ‘her’

Movie Review: Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

SPOILER ALERT. Go see this movie and then (and only then) come back and read this. Seriously. It’s money well spent. We live in an age of such baffling technological advancement where it feels like everything around us is instant. Tasks that once required tremendous preparation and supervision are now accomplishable in a fraction of…