‘sherlock’ season 4: what can we expect?

‘Sherlock’ Season 4: What Can We Expect?

Sherlock S4E1 will air on the first day of the new year. With the new season of Sherlock soon upon us, I can’t help but wonder what to expect. Moriarty is back, but according to Sherlock Holmes, there is no way he can actually be alive, so what are we in for? Moriarty isn’t sloppy….

Handy guide: which ‘sherlock’ episode fits your mood?

Handy Guide: Which ‘Sherlock’ Episode Fits Your Mood?

So you want to rewatch an episode of your favorite show, but you don’t know which episode best fits your mood. Whether you’re happy, angry, sad, or wistful, here’s the episode guide for you. The first show is BBC’s popular detective drama Sherlock. The series that’s “not a detective show but a show about a…

Most “dedicated” tv fandoms

Most “Dedicated” TV Fandoms

Most TV shows will fade into the obscurity of small screen history, only to be occasionally remembered with a nostalgic comment on how they were a “pretty good show” or “is that the show where (insert name here) played (insert description here)?” But others have that magical something that causes normal people to join the…

Elementary recap: s02e15 “corpse de ballet”

Elementary Recap: S02E15 “Corpse de Ballet”

Warning, contains spoilers for previous episodes in seasons one and two. Elementary Recap: “Corpse de Ballet” It’s an average morning at the brownstone, which means Sherlock has an entirely consensual, entirely independent ladyfriend over and has politely informed Joan of this fact via post-it, which Joan considers more “on point” than a sock on the…

Surviving a fandom hiatus without dying of feels

Surviving a Fandom Hiatus Without Dying of Feels

These past few weeks have been eventful for members of the Dr. Who and Sherlock fandoms. Season seven of BBC’s Dr. Who ended this past Christmas with Matt Smith’s regeneration and Peter Capaldi’s much awaited arrival. Filming for season eight began on January 6th, but the premier will likely not air until well into fall of 2014. Similarly, the third season’s second…

Sherlock lives (finally…)!

Sherlock Lives (Finally…)!

Warning: Naturally, this post will contain mild spoilers regarding “The Empty Hearse.” You have been warned… It’s been one year, eleven months, and nineteen days since BBC aired the season two finale of its hit show, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Following the release of “The Reichenbach Fall,” Sherlock immediately underwent an extended hiatus which left fans…