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‘Sherlock’ Season 4: What Can We Expect?

Sherlock S4E1 will air on the first day of the new year. With the new season of Sherlock soon upon us, I can’t help but wonder what to expect. Moriarty is back, but according to Sherlock Holmes, there is no way he can actually be alive, so what are we in for? Moriarty isn’t sloppy. He is the perfect antithesis for the detective himself–the ideal match of wits. So what did he line up for Sherlock postmortem? Well, maybe more than what’s expected.

After the season 4 trailer, fans have come up with a few ideas of what may be in store. Here’s one thought from Den of Geek:

“Moffat and Gatiss have said again and again that Moriarty is definitely dead, but they have also said again and again that they straight-up lie to keep fans from being spoiled on upcoming episodes. Either way, the fact that Moriarty is thread throughout this entire trailer is a big deal. While we wait for season 4, we’re left with this vague musing from Sherlock himself, delivered via voiceover in the trailer: “Something’s coming. Maybe it’s Moriarty. Maybe it’s not.””

So, is Moriarty really alive? I think it’s safe to say that nothing is impossible for this BBC series. Aside from Moriarty, what else can we expect? According to the Sun, “At Comic-Con it was revealed that episode 1 will be called ‘The Six Thatchers’ and Episode 2 will be named ‘The Lying Detective’ and appear to be based on the ‘The Adventure of the Six Napoleons’ and ‘The Adventure of the Dying Detective’.”

It has also been said that Tom Hiddleston may come on as the eldest Holmes brother and that season 5 will be released two years after episode 3 of season 4, as Benedict Cumberbatch catches up on his filming of feature films. There had been rumors of season 4 being Cumberbatch’s last season as the infamous detective, but thankfully this myth was dispelled by Mark Gatiss, who plays Sherlock’s elder brother Mycroft Holmes.

The three-episode (mini movie) season will be packed with lots of drama and intensity, so no matter what happens, it’s safe to say that we won’t be disappointed. Now we just have to wait until January 1st…

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