The crown, netflix

The Crown: Netflix’s Visually Stunning Drama Has Depth

The crown, netflix

If you were looking for an accurate retelling on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Netflix’s latest drama The Crown is not fit for that bill. And that’s ok.

Netflix seems to have an understanding on giving female characters actual dimension. They have Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, The Fall and more. The streaming site seems to have figured out how to beat the male dominated world of television. The Crown is an obvious pick to break the mold of how most see a lead character.

The show follows the Queen of England’s marriage, life, and succession to her current position. Claire Foy plays the lead role and famed Doctor Who start Matt Smith plays her husband Prince Philip. John Lithgow is brilliant as Winston Churchill. As you watch, you will realize the relationship between the Queen and her husband is complex. Queen Elizabeth not only faced a power struggle with the government, but also with her own husband. He’s a man who can’t seem to let go and let his wife realize her power and strength.

As her husband and the Prime Minister attempt to keep power over her, Elizabeth attempts to find herself. Claire Foy portrays a character that many women relate to. Elizabeth is a woman given power when all her life men have been in power. So, what is a woman to do with that power when men have been keeping her in her place all her life? You’ll have to watch The Crown to find out.

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