‘joker’ set to steal $1 billion at the box office: here’s why

‘Joker’ Set to Steal $1 Billion at the Box Office: Here’s Why

After two weeks at number one and slipping into second this past week, Joker has amassed well over $730 million and still climbing. While that may not be Avengers: Endgame level of money making, it’s an impressive feat for DC and Warner Brothers and finally put some excitement back into the Batman universe. First off,…

October movie preview: popcorn and pumpkins

October Movie Preview: Popcorn and Pumpkins

Every year when fall comes around, and Halloween is approaching, I have a certain image in my mind of how the October movie list should look. Horror flicks, fun animated spookiness or essentially the collected works of Tim Burton. Inevitably that doesn’t happen. But all things considered, this year’s October movies are a pretty festive bunch….

The week in geek entertainment news september 28 2018 – links

The Week in Geek Entertainment News September 28 2018 – Links

Robert Englund will reprise his Freddy Kruger role on a Halloween episode of The Goldbergs. –Geek Tyrant How will The Big Bang Theory end? Showrunner drops spoilers. –Comicbook.com The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel gets poster release showing a clunky, new title. –Screen Crush Latest X-Men film gets less clunky title. –Comic Book Resource…

Why heath ledger’s joker made ‘the dark knight’ the greatest batman film of all time

Why Heath Ledger’s Joker Made ‘The Dark Knight’ the Greatest Batman Film of All Time

This summer marked the tenth anniversary of what is arguably the greatest Batman movie ever made (and there’s really no argument): The Dark Knight. This week, to commemorate the event, Warner Bros. has re-released the film in a few select cities, and so this seems like a perfect time to look back at the second chapter in…

A new take on a twisted romance? Harley quinn and the joker get their own movie

A New Take on a Twisted Romance? Harley Quinn and The Joker Get Their Own Movie

The famed toxic relationship that everyone knows and loves is getting its debut. Harley Quinn and The Joker are getting their own movie. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming film which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the guys…