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The Geekly Roundup Part 2: Fate of the Furious, Netflix’s New Hit Series, and More!

Hi folks. Been a while. Welcome to the “second” (read; first post hiatus) edition of the Geekly Roundup, formerly the Geekly Ramble, Geek Insider’s recap of all things newsworthy in the world of tech, business, comics, film, games and geek culture this past week. We’ll be coming at you every weekend here on out with all good things geekish. Consider it your weekly immunization against a little thing I like to call “nerd ignorance.” This week, like most on planet earth, there was plenty to write about. Here are some of the highlights.


Meaning, the start of summer blockbusters! This week, Tom Herles takes a look at some of the hits that are slated to hit big this coming month, not the least of which is the indomitable franchise titan, The Fate of the Furious. In the world of geriatric cinema nobody wanted, we have Going in Style, a bank robbery comedy romp starring Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine. Hold the butter on the popcorn for this one; my cholesterol’s through the roof. Tired of Emma Watson yet? I didn’t think so. That’s good, because she’s back in The Circle, to tell us about the ills and potential pitfalls of big-cyber. Also the Smurfs are back, because…apparently that’s a thing still.

Moving on.

Ville Iso-Ahola brought us some much-needed love this week with a nice pat-down of HP’s managed print services, a new way to better secure your printer and physical business infrastructure against malware and other cyber-threats. God, I love that word. Cyber. Also, we get a little review of HP’s new commercial “The Wolf.” 

Netflix Gone Spanish!

Chelsea Hinkofer breaks down Netflix’s new hit, Ingobernable, or “ungovernable” for those of you not gifted with the linguistic affluence of a second, or third language. Made to be the successor to the hugely successful Narcos, Ingobernable follows the story of the President and First Lady of Mexico, and allegedly begins with an “all out hand to hand combat match….just in the first ten or so minutes.” It’s melodrama, action, and intrigue at its best. Can you say, queuing?    

Geekly Roundup Politely Asks: Happy with your shower?

U by Moen is the newest in luxury smart home technology, syncing up your phone with the cloud to deliver an amazing personal showering experience. Essentially it sets your temperature for your shower so that it’s right every time, and can have multiple profiles for different people. I will say, getting your shower to be just the right temp is something of an art – and in my case, I’m not much of an artist at it. You have that problem as well, you say? Look no further. A neat piece of tech if you can afford the price tag. Like I said, it’s luxury, baby.  

Like a little improv in your movies?

Patrick Phillips delivers up a stellar review of the iTunes 99 cent Movie of the Week- Don’t Think Twice, about a struggling NY improv-comedy group.  Starring Keegan-Michael Key, from the ubiquitous Key and Peele, and Gillian Jacobs (think Britta, from Community, and now also, Mickey, from Judd Apatow’s excellent Netflix series Love (more on that later, I’m sure). Patrick gives this particular film, an underappreciated look at the complex, difficult, strange lives of improv performers, a coveted “Worth it.”

All in all, not a bad week….*aggressively refrains from mentioning politics*. No but really, that’s all for now, folks. Check ya’ later and stay frosty out there on the interweb.  

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