Choosing the Right eReader – Tutorial

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Here’s the thing, I would pick printed books over eBooks any day. This is a piece of cake. I absolutely love flipping through the pages and smelling them. Even though books are very often dusty and bulky, I like the way they feel on my palms. Plus, I never have to worry about the battery going dead.

Be that as it may (I feel like a hypocrite), I have to come clean and acknowledge that eBook readers have their perks, as well. I’m sure nerdy bookworms will see eye to eye with me on this fact. eBook readers don’t kill trees, so they’re environmentally friendly.

It’s never easy when we have to remain standing while riding a bus, much less holding a printed book to read. Think it’s an easy task? Try turning over the pages while holding on to the dangling handles. A thorny issue, isn’t it? Thankfully, this is where eBook readers come in. It’s plain sailing to touch on the screen than flipping the pages. With these babies, you never have to fret over falling down!

Before heading down to the store to purchase your eBook reader, ask yourself these questions and see whether you have these factors in your checklist!

How Much Am I Willing To Pay For It?

eBook readers are really common these days, so one would think that they’re getting cheaper. Right? NOPE! Fortunately, there is a good deal of websites and apps offering free eBooks, so you’ll be saving a fortune instead of buying them.

Do your homework! Work on your budget and don’t be afraid to go from store to store to check out the prices. Be a smart consumer and don’t get ripped off.

What Sort of a Screen Size Do I Want?

The first handheld mobile phone in the world is gargantuan. It then evolved to smaller and practical ones. And then, for some reason, massive phones (cough, Samsung, cough) seem to be the ‘in’ thing again. Just like mobile phones, everyone has his preference when it comes to the size of an eBook reader. Do you prefer eBook readers with a larger size? Or would you rather pick quality over quantity?

Examples of eBook readers with big screen size: Kobo Aura HD and JetBook Color

Do I Really Need Wi-Fi For My eBook Reader?

You’re reading and the last thing you need is a distraction. True, but what happens when you come across a new word in a book; or a pop culture reference you didn’t get? Unless you have a dictionary in your bag or a knowledgeable friend, odds are you need an eBook reader equipped with Wi-Fi.

Popular eBook readers with Wi-Fi: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G, Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

Is Text-to-Speech eBook Reader Really Necessary?

If you want to make your book read aloud to you, then sure, why not? If you’re busy person doing chores and have little time to read, don’t worry. Nobody is going to judge you. AI text-to-speech (or audio) books are your new best friend. You can easily listen to these books and multitask.

eBook readers with text-to-speech function: Onyx Inc. BOOX C65 Storia, PocketBook Touch

Am I A Voracious Reader?

What happens when you’re done reading an eBook? Chuck it? Save it in your reader? If you pick the latter, you need to get an eBook reader with ample storage.

eBook readers with large internal storage: Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight, Onyx Inc. BOOX M92/92S Black Pearl, Wexler Flex ONE

Do you any suggestion for newbies buying their first eBook reader? We’d love to hear from you!