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USB Digital Library: Over 3,000 Books on the Go

Whenever you discuss your taste in books to someone, there is one topic that seems to always pop up: classic literature. No matter where this conversation goes, it will end up making you feel like you’re not a true fan of the art of literature because you still have not read Moby Dick or Sense and Sensibility. Here’s the good news: As old as these books are, most of them are not held under copyright and can be found for free online. However, searching for an authentic copy could prove to be a tedious task. Some have gone through numerous rounds of translating and you want to find a copy that has been handled by professionals. And let’s face it, you have gotten used to the convenience of your mobile reader, so searching for a hard copy isn’t first on the list. Here’s a simple solution to that problem:

USB Digital Library

This handy little book-shaped USB will serve as your librarian in your search for the great classic pieces of literature that you have been meaning to read. It contains over 3,000 electronic copies of some of the greatest books, novels, poetry and pieces of literary fiction that have graced the earth. Titles include: Cleopatra, Hamlet, Moby Dick, War and Peace, Great Expectations, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and A Tale of Two Cities.

Included on the USB drive is the eBook management software, Calibre, which will run automatically on PCs running Windows XP and up; Mac users will need to download the software from the website beforehand. When the USB is plugged in, Calibre will download all 3,000 titles, which takes anywhere from 30-90 seconds and arrange them by title, author and publish date. From there, you can either read the books through the software on your computer or convert the files to run on mobile readers like Kindles or Nooks.