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The Robosmart Wireless LED Light Bulb

If you have seen the Belkin Wemo, the wireless Smartphone-controlled light switch, you may have been skeptical on whether it would work with your home’s electrical wiring. Although it’s quite the nifty gadget, the Wemo has its limits. If your house does not use neutral wires, then it will not be compatible. Perhaps you just don’t feel comfortable tampering with the wiring, which has been working out pretty well by itself. However, if you still want to have light control capabilities with your Smartphone, there is a second option:

Robosmart Wireless LED Light Bulb

This light bulb functions the same as any other. All you do is screw it in and it’s good to go. Then you can either power it with the same light switch that you’re used to or pull out your Smartphone or Tablet to wirelessly control it. It connects with your device using Bluetooth, so no Wi-Fi network is required.

The Robosmart Light Bulb runs through the Smart Lights app that is available for both iPhone and Android. The app allows you to do basic things like manually turn the light bulb on and off and control the dimness. You can also set it to a timer to save money or let your house look occupied while you’re away. Here’s where it get’s fancy. Using the Bluetooth’s location control capabilities, you can also program the light bulb to turn off when you leave the house and turn back on when you return.

With an average of three hours of use a day, the Robosmart Light Bulb can last up to ten years. Also, at the same rate, the estimated yearly energy cost that you would be paying is only 81 cents. The Robosmart is available in either 40-Watt or 60-Watt bulbs.