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HAPIfork: The Bluetooth Fork That Forces You To Eat Healthy

As you may know, there are a lot of fitness and nutrition apps out there. Apps like My Fitness Pal and Map My Run guide you through your exercise routines, what things you should and should not be eating and your calorie intake. However, what many of these apps do not do is coach you on your eating behavior. The term “behavior” refers to the time of day you eat and at what pace. It takes your stomach about 20 minutes to send the signal to your brain saying that it is full. Quick eating disrupts this signal and leads to severe weight gain and digestive problems.


HAPIfork is a Bluetooth-enabled fork that monitoring your food intake by hand-to-mouth movements called “fork servings.” The fork will measure the total number of fork servings you take and the interval between those servings. If you begin to eat too fast, the fork will light up and begin to vibrate the next time you lift it up to your mouth.

Along with the HAPIfork, you can use the Online Dashboard and the HAPIfork app available for both iPhone and Android. HAPIfork mobile app collects the data from the fork wirelessly and shows you the stats in real time. It will also show you the interval between fork servings that you should be following by displaying a timer.

The dashboard organizes all of the data collected from your devices, which is run through a point system and can be shared with your friends. You can also set workout objectives here. Coming soon to the website is HAPIcoach which is a personal nutritional coaching service that assigns you to an expert that will guide you according to your specific goals.