Apple macbook accessories

5 Must-Have Apple MacBook Accessories

The Apple MacBook is a powerful machine, there is no denying it. When properly maintained, a Macbook can last for years and years, treating you just as well as you treated it. You can’t enter a coffee shop without seeing a few Macbooks here and there, and there is reason for it. Sure, Apple products have become trendy and cool, but that all started with a few consumers who purchased the devices because of their value.

I’ve owned and operated my Macbook for almost four years now, using it for video and photo editing, a little gaming, and the usual Microsoft Office and internet usage. There have been issues here and there, but for the most part I’ve really enjoyed the computer and believe that it is worth the extra money.

Nothing is perfect, though, and even a well constructed device will need a few adjustments. Think of it like an outfit. Your top and bottoms look great, but adding the perfect jacket or hat completes the look.

1. PlugBug

Apple macbook accessories: plugbug

TwelveSouth’s Plugbug is one of the most useful tidbits for the all-Apple consumer. The Macbook power adapter is chunky and large, and often covers the entire wall socket when plugged in for charging.

One accessory let’s you charge two devices at once. Your Macbook as well as an iPhone or iPad.

2. PowerCurl

Apple macbook accessories: powercurl

One advantage to the Apple Macbook is the extra long power cord. You rarely have to worry about the cord not reaching your couch, bed or desk, and you’re given the opportunity to use almost any outlet in the vicinity. But, what if you don’t need all the extra length at that moment? The cord can get in the way, trip your dog has he jumps on the couch, or take up the entire width of your desk. That’s when the PowerCurl comes in to play. Along with the easy raveling and unraveling, the power adapter is actually elevated to reduce overheating. All for only $10.

3. HDMI Cable

Apple macbook accessories: belki hdmi cable

Whether you purchase this Belkin cable from the Apple website or a cheaper version off of Amazon, a mini display port to HDMI adapting cable is a must for this day and age. Laptop users at every corner have begun to connect their devices to HDTVs for a big screen view of their computer screen. I recently purchased one of these cables for video viewing in the living room, and it’s a great tool to have. Watching Youtube videos with friends becomes much easier and more enjoyable with the HDMI adapting cable.

4. AirPort Time Capsule

Apple macbook accessories: airport time capsule

The Time Machine is the built-in backup feature of OS X that works with your Mac and AirPort Time Capsule. This device is really nifty for those who don’t remember to back up their information. You connect the drive, alert the Time Machine, and just let it go. The toll automatically back up everything on your Mac computer, including system files, applications, accounts, preferences, email messages, music, photos, movies, and documents. Time Machine keeps hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups until your backup drive is full.

5. Apple Magic Mouse

Apple macbook accessories: apple magic mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse comes with the purchase of every iMac, but is very useful with Macbook laptops as well. This mouse has all sorts of customization options and is incredibly easy on your hand, compared to the traditional computer mouse. You can browse through photos, click, double click and swipe all very simply. The design allows the mouse to fit comfortable under your hand, with no strange curves or angles. This mouse is a must have if you’re tired of the touchpad built into your Macbook.