Four Unique Keyboard Decals for your Macbook

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As a Mac user, you’re always looking for ways to make your computer unique. You can customize things such as your desktop, icons, hot corners, dock and the overall color scheme. Once that’s done, you can bring the modifications to the exterior with skins and decals, some of which use the apple logo as the design. So, what’s next? How about the keyboard? You may be pleasantly surprised with the amount of cool keyboard decals that are out there. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the keyboard backlight will not penetrate through these decals.

Lazerwood Keys

Made with 100% Walnut, these keys give your Macbook a smooth and classic feel. Each individually pre-cut key is placed on the keyboard with a thin layer of adhesive that stays secure while still being able to be removed without damage. This decal will only work with Macbook Pros from 2008 and later, but can also be purchased for Apple Wireless Keyboards.

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Mac Shortcuts Keyboard

Even after years of owning a Mac, you may have only become familiar with a fraction of the wide array of shortcuts that the computer offers. This witty decal gives you some of the most useful shortcuts for a steady workflow pasted directly your keyboard. They also can protect your computer from dust, wear and tear and minor spills. This keyboard cover is compatible the following Mac products: Macbook 13-inch, Macbook Air 13-inch, Macbook Pro 13-inch/Retina and Macbook Pro 15-inch/Retina.


Macbook Logo Keyboard Decal

Looking for some more variety? This decal will bring the geeky part of your personality out by replacing each letter of your keyboard with the logo of a corresponding social media, web browser and other tech terms. For example: A for Apple, B for Bing, C for Chrome and so on. This decal will fit 13-inch Macbook Airs and Pros.


Typewriter Keyboard Decal

Don’t fret over the fact that typewriters are a part of the past. Combine the best of both worlds: superior technology and a classic feel. This keyboard decal is made of high-quality, non-transparent vinyl. Best of all, it comes with a large variety of keys, so it will fit most keyboards for laptops and desktops.