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66 years later, google doodle commorates ufo crash

66 Years Later, Google Doodle Commorates UFO Crash

An alien vessel has crashed in Roswell, New Mexico! No, this isn’t 1947 in rural America, it’s a Google Doodle! Who would have thought that 66 years later, the Roswell UFO incident would be famous enough to earn itself one of the best Google Doodles yet? Well, probably everyone. For those who don’t know, a…

Forecast: google+ to overtake facebook by 2016

Forecast: Google+ to Overtake Facebook by 2016

As impossible as it may sound, Google+ might just overtake Facebook in terms of number of users by 2016. At least, that’s what Searchmetrics would like us to believe. An analysis of the two social networks forecasts that Google’s social network will have more number of users than Facebook by February 2016. In a blog…

Top 4 upcoming products from google

Top 4 Upcoming Products from Google

So Google Glass is coming. So what? It’s just another one of those many revolutionary products from Google right? Over the years, Google has indulged in almost every product category and given us products making our lives infinitely easier. It’s nothing new. We’ve come to expect such stuff from a ‘search engine’ company. Google has…

Better web surfing with

Discovery Made Easy StumbleUpon is a ‘discovery engine’; it is a web based service which brings whole new meaning to ‘surfing the net’. If you enjoy surfing the web and wasting time on your computer, you might have already discovered and experienced StumbleUpon is essentially what kept me awake for 4 years during University lectures….

Dropbox vs SkyDrive vs Google Drive

Many of us now spend our lives living on multiple devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones. Maintaining data, and maintaining consistency across the devices can be, and almost always is, a problem. Cloud storage services are here to our rescue though. They provide cross platform compatibility and are pretty handy for the obvious file sharing that…

Google’s Incognito Rise to Power

Google’s Supremacy? To describe Google as the technological Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde in today’s day and age is an understatement. The 2nd commandment in Google’s Philosophy is as states, “It’s best to do one thing really, really well,” which is why such a metaphor is too subtle, Google closer resembles the troubled hero Batman (bear…

Geek Insider Exclusive Interview – Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search, Bing

Geek Insider would like to thank Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Bing, for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We would also like to thank Phil Butler for coordinating the interview. ***********Begin Interview Transcript*********** Geek Insider: Firstly, the versatility of the Photosynth samples I’ve seen is very impressive….