Computer and internet use in the united states

In a World Driven By Online Connections, 30 percent of Americans Don’t Have Broadband

As reported by the United States Census Bureau, almost 89 percent of American households had a computer in 2016. 

Fast forward to present day, and the statistics for computer and internet use in the United States 2020 has in store paint a different story. 

But certain advocates are trying to turn the tide for the better. One of these people is Gigi Sohn. 

A former special counsel at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Sohn has a reputation for her expertise in modern communication and her advocacy for expanding internet connectivity. 

The public interest activist recently took to an online publication to talk about issues related to her field of expertise. She spoke at length about internet connectivity issues that Americans face on a regular basis. 

Internet Should Be a Right, Not a Luxury

According to the latest reports, at least 24 million Americans still don’t have access to broadband internet. Among other reasons, this due to lack of infrastructure that makes broadband internet possible. This number is only growing with time. 

Sohn mentioned that at least 30 percent of Americans don’t have access to broadband internet due to a lack of infrastructure. The expert also outlined that according to policymakers, broadband is a luxury and not a necessity – which is completely opposite to the general opinion that everyone holds about the technology.

People Often Have to Visit Public Places for Internet Access

Sohn also highlighted that those who don’t have access to broadband at home often turn to visit public places to get the connectivity they need. 

The expert described that it is something that’s simply unacceptable and needs to evolve for the better. But in order for this to happen, people actually need the means to access broadband internet at their homes.

The Solution Lies Within Increasing Competition

Sohn mentioned that service cost is a big reason why people can’t have access to broadband. The expert pointed towards lack of competition as playing a big role in this difficulty. 

According to the activist, allowing more broadband companies into the segment will open doors to competitive pricing. This will be a great way to offer broadband connectivity to those who need it. By taking this step, the computer and internet use in the United States has high chances to increase in the next few years.

Other interesting developments in this sector also include projects such as Starlink, from Facebook, and Amazon that aim to use satellites to bring about further internet coverage across the world.

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