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With more than a month of physical distancing and shelter-at-home practices, the social effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are clearer than ever. Some people are getting bored within the four walls of their homes, while others are missing their friends. A few are trying to recreate theater screenings in their living room, while self-proclaimed couch potatoes are miffed at watching the same old content through their streaming services. 

What’s common through these extroverts, introverts, and everything-in-betweens is the ever increasing need to connect to the outside world. Seeing that normal world connections are not possible in the current times, they are turning to the next best thing: fresh content that speaks to the situation in the present-day.  

Creating Home Based Content is the New Normal

Let’s get one thing straight. Celebrities staggered and fell hard on the path to create content that is suitable for the sensitive dynamics of a post-COVID-19 world. Cases in point: Gal Gadot and friends singing Imagine in terribly off key voices; Priyanka Chopra clapping at nothing to show support for coronavirus responders; and Ellen DeGeneres comparing social distancing to jail while sitting in her comfortable home.

But as memorable as that content was for all the wrong reasons, it fulfilled its purpose by telling everyone what not to do

Instead of being awfully out of touch, celebrities became relatable. Instead of shooting with mansions in the background, they sat against slightly decorated walls. And instead of putting together an elaborate set with a production crew, they turned to simple Zoom, Instagram Live, and YouTube livestreams. From late night show hosts such as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel to stars such as John Krasinski and the Saturday Night Live cast, everyone has now seemingly gotten the art of making so-called “quarantine content” down to a T.

In other words, these stars followed what hundreds and thousands of content creators are already doing on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and found newfound success with an audience that was growing out of touch with their favorite celebrities.

Why Creating Content From Home Appeals to People?

On the other hand, creating content from home and dressed-down settings has been appealing to people all over social media, especially in the past couple of years. Instagram influencers have stepped aside to make way for TikTok content creators, who are creating massively entertaining, educating, and informative videos with significantly low resources. 

But it appeals to people for one simple reason: they can relate to it. From the realistic production to the casual lens of life, people can see themselves in the content creator or at least understand where they are coming from. 

While this phenomenon has been evident in the success of various TikTok and YouTube stars, the power of creating content from home has never been clearer than it is today. 

That’s why not only celebrities are turning to a stripped down and more humble versions of themselves, but front-line workers such as healthcare professionals are also creating home-based content of their own to share public service announcements (PSAs) amid the difficulties they face throughout this pandemic. 

Want to Reach Out to Your Audience? Cut Down on the Production Value for Now

It makes one thing immensely clear: In these times, superfluous extravagance doesn’t provide you with any brownie points, but actually damages your reputation. 

If you want to appeal to your target audience through this testing time, you need to cut down on the production value. Create your own content from home, or hire a creator who specializes in doing so. As long as your content is sincere and speaks to the current situation, there’s no reason why it won’t strike a chord with the right audience even through this difficult period.

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