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Is clearview  making you nervous?

Is Clearview Making You Nervous?

Technology is exciting. But there are some costs to technological advances, and one clear one is to our privacy. Read this for a primer on the privacy concerns surrounding Clearview’s facial recognition tech.

Corona virus vaccine produced in canada

Corona Virus Vaccine Produced in Canada

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac) at the University of Saskatchewan has created a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Here are some details

Is this the future of energy?

Is This the Future of Energy?

Here’s the problem: we are going to need a lot more energy to keep up with our advancing technology, the increasing number of electronic devices, and the growth of our cities. But, at the same time, we’re facing a warming planet. To survive, the increase in energy will need to come from renewable sources. The…

Is the development of 5g networks a race?

Is the Development of 5G Networks a Race?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks. The 2020s are set to be the “era” of 5G, and this will be the network on which the majority of future mobile communication occurs. There’s been lots of discussion recently about how cities and telecom companies will implement 5G networks, and in a previous article, we’ve…

How will cities pay for 5g? Ask facebook.

How Will Cities Pay for 5G? Ask Facebook.

5G is coming. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks. It’s significantly faster than current 4G networks with much shorter latency. But 5G is important not just so we can all watch the latest marvel movie on our phone, but to handle the expected drastic increase in global mobile traffic — some estimates suggest…

Ai discovers new potentially powerful antibiotic

AI Discovers New Potentially Powerful Antibiotic

We reported last week that Auris Health is using robotics to improve endoscopy. Apparently, that’s only one of several news stories lately about how technology is improving health care.  Here’s another big one: AI has helped scientists in the US to discover a powerful new antibiotic. An algorithm developed with machine learning analyzed more than a…

Your guide to smart device security privacy

Your Guide to Smart Device Security Privacy

Smart technology and smart devices are increasingly becoming essential tools in our daily lives. It’s estimated that about 35% of households in the U.S. had at least one smart speaker and that this would increase to 75% by 2025. In 2020 there are about 20.4 billion (with a “b”) smart devices connected to the internet…

How to keep your new years resolutions

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Did you make a New Years resolution this year? If so, you’re in good company: about half of American adults make a resolution at New Years every year. The most common resolutions are to quit smoking, to lose weight, and to start exercising. But you likely are aware — and you don’t need a mountain…