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Top 5 Closet Cosplay Ideas for This Convention Season

by Nugua Gann
Closet Cosplay Ideas

Any geek can tell you how overwhelming your first cosplay experience can be, especially when you arrive at a convention and are surrounded by people in outfits they’ve worked hours on or, for those who have the money, had theirs commissioned by incredible artists. You’ll see cosplayers who have been doing this for years, some are even paid to be there as cosplay guests.

Maybe you don’t have the time or money to make such extensive costumes, or as I mentioned before, you could be nervous standing next to hardcore cosplayers. Fear not, geek and geekettes! There’s such a thing as closet cosplays that you can throw together easily from items already in your closet. These cosplay ideas are distinct and memorable enough that you’ll still be recognized. I’m going to list the top 5 closet cosplays from TV shows for this convention season!

5. Marceline, Adventure Time

Marceline is from the Cartoon Network favorite, Adventure Time, and she would be a pretty simple closet cosplay. All you need is a black tank top, some jeans, and boots. If you’d like, you can use makeup to make two bite marks on your neck. It helps if you have black hair. What’s especially helpful when it comes to cosplaying Adventure Time characters is that the show itself has an alternate dimension where the main characters are all opposite the original gender, so no gender-bending required. The down-side? Marceline does have an awesome guitar that resembles a battle axe, and if you’re big on props, you won’t find this one in your average closet.

4. The Doctor, Doctor Who

The Doctor has always been a long-running favorite for closet cosplayers. Each incarnation has a distinct look, and you can easily spot them. They have the nerdy-but-well-thought-out look, and cosplayers are often very proud of their outfits. Happen to be a woman? Don’t worry about it! Gender-bending has been huge throughout cosplaying in general, but a gender-bent Doctor is especially adorable. You can also easily cosplay your favorite companion of the Doctor because they are memorable enough to be noticed by other fans.

3. Any of the Supernatural  Cast

For those of you who don’t know, Supernatural is a television show about brothers who fight, well, the supernatural. They’re two normal guys living in the “normal” world though, so a flannel button up and some jeans will cover their outfits just fine. For props, you would just need some fancy looking fake knives, because conventions won’t allow actual weapons! If you want to play their angel friend, a trench coat will do you fine. The devil? A suit. If you don’t like to gender-bend, they do have a few significant female angels from the last few seasons, or you could cosplay as their favorite nerd-gal-pal Charlie, may she rest in peace.

2. Finn, Adventure Time

Finn is another great choice for closet cosplayers. Just like Marceline, he offers an alternate-dimension female choice. All the male character would need is a blue t-shirt, some jeans, and a green backpack. The only difference with Fiona, the female version, is a blue skirt instead of pants and knee-high socks. The key point in the Finn costume is his famous hat, but that can easily be purchased from your local Gamestop or you can even make one at home.

1. Steven Universe, Steven Universe

My top pick for this season’s closet cosplays is Steven Universe, simply because it is a newly popular show. You can have fun with it, and it’s so incredibly simple. A male or female can dress as Steven with a red t-shirt that has a yellow star on it and some jeans. Female closet cosplay opportunities abound with Connie and Amethyst, and you can even cosplay as Steven and his best-friend Connie’s fusion character, Stevonnie.

So, for those of you who have always wanted to cosplay but haven’t known where to start, I hope this list has given you some closet cosplay tips and ideas! Do you like our list? Comment and tell us what you think!


Which was your favorite Closet Cosplay? Let us know!


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Randi Kay Stewart
Randi Kay Stewart

The Doctor definitely, even if you don’t want to be the Doctor himself there is a wide variety of the Doctor’s companions to choose from. I easily tossed together a Clara Oswald cosplay before (I am working on fixing the dress I made that was supposed to be apart of that cosplay).

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