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Is vr the new frontier of travel?

Is VR the New Frontier of Travel?

While virtual reality has been around for years now, the advancement of technology has made it more mainstream, with high-powered VR headsets and lower cost options that make it available to more consumers. It’s used for gaming, viewing 360-degree images, watching interactive videos and more. While plenty of experts have hailed VR as the future…

Technology and airborne havoc

Technology and Airborne Havoc

Aviation requires no introduction, really. The king of transport and a huge industry, jobs pull in $446.8bn a year in revenue in the US alone, which would place it as the 26th largest economy in the world, above Thailand and Nigeria. Unfortunately, aviation has come into sharp focus over the past couple of years following a…

Go places with movpak: the travel bag you can ride

Go Places with Movpak: The Travel Bag You Can Ride

You may have already heard about the Cowa Robot Suitcase – the one that follows you around like a little dog as you trek through the airport terminal, but now the robot suitcase has a rival in the Movpak travel bag. The Movpak is a one of a kind travel bag that you can ride….

Modobag: the world’s first rideable luggage

Modobag: The World’s First Rideable Luggage

Travelling can be stressful, especially when you have to lug around heavy luggage while desperately trying not to miss your flight. Kevin O’Donnell, the inventor of Modobag, was contemplating how travelling could be made easier when the first motorized and rideable luggage came to mind. “The idea struck him,” says Modobag, “when he was pulling…

Hiero band can help travelers break language barriers

Hiero Band Can Help Travelers Break Language Barriers

The Hiero Band helps travelers communicate with natives from around the world with a point to the wrist. The Hiero Band Design Bon Voyage! With band on wrist, travelers and tourists everywhere won’t need a translator anymore. Elegant stones and metal universal icons are wrapped around the Heiro Band. Most of all, the 11 universal icons are…

Pack your bags: the motorized suitcase is here!

Pack Your Bags: The Motorized Suitcase Is Here!

This is the final boarding call for flight 815! Will passenger John Smith please report to gate 34A? Again, this is the final boarding call for Oceanic Flight 815! John Smith glanced down at his tickets and then back up at the masses of people surrounding him. Even if he ran, the odds of making…