Hiero Band Can Help Travelers Break Language Barriers

Hiero band

The Hiero Band helps travelers communicate with natives from around the world with a point to the wrist.

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The Hiero Band Design

Bon Voyage! With band on wrist, travelers and tourists everywhere won’t need a translator anymore. Elegant stones and metal universal icons are wrapped around the Heiro Band. Most of all, the 11 universal icons are understood around the world. They come in a range of different colors and ship anywhere around the world as well.

“Each band comes with pure 100% stone beads, white, turquoise and natural wood color,” Heiro Band writes on their Kickstarter Page. Because the icons are engraved in durable zinc alloy metal, the Hiero Band is also skin friendly and will not weigh your wrist down.

How Does It Work?

To get what they need, travelers use handheld devices, books, or simply hope that someone will understand them. The Hiero Band is for those moments when the phone dies, books aren’t around, and no one can understand what you’re saying, the company explains.

The icons on each bead are: money, travel, phone, medical, water, bike, food, bus, bathroom, bed/shelter, and gas. These 11 icons are the most essential to survival. Simply pointing at a specific icon to a person can help break language barriers.

How to Get One?

Kickstarter helped the startup company receive over their $5,000 pledge goal. As a result, the project can now be funded. Backing the startup company on Kickstarter with a donation of $15 or more can get you a Heiro Band as well.

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