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How Will AI Impact The Travel Industry?

Travel is a significant industry that commands billions of dollars. But has travel changed that much over the past few decades? 

Not really. If you are going on vacation, you still have to think about where you want to go, what you want to do, what you can afford, and plan it all out. 

Sure, planning might have gotten easier with broker platforms like Epxedia or, as you can see flights plus hotels and transportation at your destination. 

But even then, it takes quite a bit of work to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

You could make your life easier and work with a travel agent or have a great assistant who could help you with your travel planning. Again, that is not a new part of the process, it is a concept that has been around for a while now.

AI or artificial intelligence may help to improve the travel process in several ways. Let’s find out how.

Feed the AI Machine for Better Travel

We have a significant amount of information present when it comes to travel. Everything from destinations, things to do, to flight information, to places to stay and much more. 

The AI can then look at your needs and provide relevant information. 

This part is likely to be more critical, just like Google and Meta know quite a bit about you, the AI needs to be aware of your profile. It may need to know you better than you know yourself.

If this is the case, it can provide excellent assistance. It can provide everything from personalized travel recommendations to helping businesses to present amazing travel experiences in a virtual way.

But these are ways that it can help you to improve your life.

Artificial Intelligence Can Help To Improve the Physical Travel Experience

Planes, trains, and automobiles have incrementally improved over the past few decades. These incremental improvements came about due to consumer needs and competition. 

Essentially, people have problems, key leaders and teams get together to solve those issues. This leads to brainstorming, research, and ideally, results. 

There is significant trial and error in this process, it requires hard work, real thinking and tinkering. What if it were possible to tap into a much more powerful brain to connect two disparate ideas together to solve different problems and improve the physical travel experience?

What kind of novel transportation design can artificial intelligence come up with that helps to optimize the travel experience? What kind of radical transformation can take place within the travel industry by using AI to answer tough questions? 

For instance, the travel industry is expected to expand significantly as space tourism continues to grow. Space tourism expands as it becomes accessible to more people. SpaceX and others have been able to provide value to the sector by figuring out to lower the cost of space launches.

As tough engineering problems are solved, it helps to reduce costs and increase the space travel experience. It can do so for regular travel by improving designs, components, longevity, and more.

How Soon Can We Expect Significant Changes?

AI can help to support with travel planning at the present moment. It may not be able to do so fully right now. But it is likely that with a bit more research progress, it can be able to meet your travel planning needs.

The pace of AI innovation seems to be rapid, it may be able to fully conduct effective planning within 2023.

When can it do much more complex activities? It depends on the level of collaborations, investment, and overall resources allocated to the sector. Large corporations and startups are allocating time and money to this sector, the rate of progress is likely to be surprising.

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