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Top 5 closet cosplay ideas for this convention season

Top 5 Closet Cosplay Ideas for This Convention Season

Any geek can tell you how overwhelming your first cosplay experience can be, especially when you arrive at a convention and are surrounded by people in outfits they’ve worked hours on or, for those who have the money, had theirs commissioned by incredible artists. You’ll see cosplayers who have been doing this for years, some…

Who Is The Doctor’s New Face?

There is a recurring theme in the first episode of the latest Doctor Who series. That theme, is The Doctor’s face. What’s better than conspiracy theories and the excuse to sit on Google Images for an hour or two? NOTHING! The Question Of The Doctor’s Face Without going into too much detail (in case you…

He’s back: the first full trailer for doctor who season 8

He’s Back: The First Full Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8

After several frustratingly short 15-second teasers, BBC One, finally doing us fans a huge favor, has now released the first full-length trailer for the newest session of our beloved TV show, Doctor Who Season 8. The barely-over-a-minute-long trailer, is titled ‘Doctor Who – Series Eight Trailer – New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies,’ and features…

Doctor who – how to become a whovian?

Doctor Who – How To Become A Whovian?

My friends are generally fairly rational, balanced human beings. But something unusual happened over the previous weekend. I was with a friend of mine Saturday night as we headed to a novel-writing session in London, and she was becoming increasingly agitated. Words became harder to fathom from her, and when they came they were blurted…

10 doctor who moments that made us cry

10 Doctor Who Moments That Made Us Cry

Doctor Who can be a heart-wrenching, stomach-churning mistress. Amidst the jokes, silliness, and Eleven’s wide array of amusing hats, there is the constant possibility of tears. And I do mean constant. 10 Memorable Doctor Who Moments It’s a given that fans will be sad when their favorite companion or Doctor is scheduled to exit the…

5 facts you never knew about doctor who

5 Facts You Never Knew About Doctor Who

The Doctor is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters ever to grace our TV screens. With fifty years under its belt, the show itself is expected to have a few secrets of its own. Although these might not be quite that dramatic, here are a few lesser known facts you never knew about Doctor Who….