Former studio ghibli producer to release new magical film

Former Studio Ghibli Producer to Release New Magical Film

It’s always a good day when we find out more Studio Ghibli magic is on its way. A new film entitled Mary and the Witch’s Flower will be released by former employees of Studio Ghibli under their new animation house, Studio Ponoc. The founder of this new studio is former Studio Ghibli producer Yoshiaki Nishimura….

Japanese anime creator hayao miyazaki out of retirement one last time

Japanese Anime Creator Hayao Miyazaki out of Retirement One Last Time

An amazing holiday gift was given to Studio Ghibli fans this month as the legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki announced that he is coming out of retirement once again to bring the world another one of his feature-length anime films by 2020. Hayao Miyazaki is famous for many films, such as his more popular ones, Princess…

Studio ghibli: shutting down or taking a break?

Studio Ghibli: Shutting Down or Taking a Break?

Rumors have been flying around the internet for the last few days about Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation film studio behind such popular movies as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. After director Hayao Miyazaki’s recent retirement, the future of the studio seems uncertain, and it is unclear whether we can expect to see more films…

Castle in the sky breaks twitter record

Castle in the Sky Breaks Twitter Record

Twitter just hit a new record for tweets per second revealed by the company yesterday. The 143,199 tweets-per-second record was set thanks to the airing of a particularly famous anime film.       Castle In The Sky Breaks Twitter Record Hayoa Miyazaki is known for creating some of the highest grossing Japanese animated films…

Undistressed damsel: princess mononoke

Undistressed Damsel: Princess Mononoke

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people Cosplay Princess Mononoke every year. She’s the main character of the Studio Ghibli movie of the same name, but what’s so interesting about her? What’s so  undistressed about this particular damsel?          Undistressed Damsel: Princess Mononoke Princess Mononoke (also known as San) isn’t your typical princess….