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Unboxing the geek fuel mystery box for march 2017 – get $3 dollars off!!

Unboxing the Geek Fuel Mystery Box for March 2017 – Get $3 Dollars Off!!

Geek Fuel is a subscription company that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping)….

Power rangers come to life at nycc 2016

Power Rangers Come to Life at NYCC 2016

It always surprises me just how popular Power Rangers is at big conventions like New York Comic Con. Sure the television series is on its 23rd season, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. But fans aren’t dressed like those characters. It’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that stands the test of time. This year at NYCC those…

Bryan cranston to play zordon in ‘power rangers’ movie

Bryan Cranston to Play Zordon in ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

As the news of a Power Rangers reboot movie has hit the web, skepticism hasn’t been far behind. However, a new piece of information about the movie is starting to put fans of the 90s tv show at ease: Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has been cast as the iconic mentor Zordon in the upcoming film. It’s been…

Jason David Frank Keeps Power Rangers Legacy Alive at NYCC

While there is room for personal preference, I don’t think I’d be stepping on too many toes by saying Tommy Oliver is the most popular “Power Rangers” character of all time. He’s donned multiple colors (green, white, black and red twice) while leading story lines in multiple seasons. So when Jason David Frank, the actor…

Power rangers movie gets a release date…and some rumors

Power Rangers Movie Gets A Release Date…and Some Rumors

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a Power Rangers movie coming. But before you roll your eyes, this isn’t the cast of the latest season acting out in an extended episode for Nickelodeon. This team is being billed as mighty and apparently they will be morphin’. Lionsgate has announced that Power Rangers will hit theaters…