Stephen king’s new novel isn’t horror…so what will it be?

Stephen King’s New Novel Isn’t Horror…So What Will It Be?

Apparently, the next great Stephen King masterpiece is not going to be a horrific novel. Meaning, of course, that it falls into the crime/thriller genre, instead of under the horror/fantasy label under which most of his works are found. This new novel, Mr. Mercedes, pursues the story of a serial killer that targets the unemployed….

Gone: why you’ll never see the best ya series on screen

Gone: Why You’ll Never See The Best YA Series On Screen

The Gone series by Michael Grant has everything that makes a YA novel popular and, in most cases, adaptable for film or television.  But it’s not typical young adult literature and it seems people are too scared to touch it. Gone If you haven’t read the Gone series, read them. They’re young adult, which means they’re simple reads but…