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Inform: will it change computers forever?

InFORM: Will It Change Computers Forever?

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may have brought us one step closer to touchable holograms with their new invention. What’s So Cool About It? The creators; PhD students Sean Follmer, Daniel Leithinger, and Professor Hiroshi Ishii (from MIT’s Tangible Media Group) named the device; inFORM. It can be used for 3D modeling, bar…

Microsoft wants to make kinect more engaging

Microsoft Wants To Make Kinect More Engaging

Kinect on the Xbox 360 had a bit of a problem. It simply wasn’t that great –or workable –as a gaming peripheral. Most developers barely paid it any mind, relegating it to little more than a gimmick. Of those games that did end up using it exclusively, only the barest few were even remotely memorable….

Apple seeks to acquire company behind kinect

Apple Seeks to Acquire Company Behind Kinect

Apple has now set its sights on the Israel-based 3d sensor company, Primesense. If you’ve never heard of Primesense, that’s okay. But I guarantee you have heard of their flagship motion sensing product, the Kinect. That’s right, the company behind the technology that Microsoft will be shipping out with all of it’s Xbox One consoles,…

Microsoft detail xbox one online requirements and licensing policies

Microsoft Detail Xbox One Online Requirements and Licensing Policies

Xbox One Must Be Connected Every 24 Hours, Publishers Can “Opt In” To Game Resales Microsoft have updated the official Xbox One website with several details regarding the online requirements, used game policies, Kinect functionality and more. These details come after a batch of contradictory statements by Microsoft regarding these issues that left many dazed…

Man Lost $2,600 Trying to Win a $100 Kinect

Just when I thought the internet wasn’t funny anymore, I read something that completely changed my mind. It didn’t just change my mind, it actually blew my mind as well. So, I’ll warn you before going any further, what you’re going to read could prove to be very funny and highly stupid at the same time. We’re definitely not…