Everything we know so far about hideo kojima’s ‘death stranding’

Everything We Know So Far About Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Hideo Kojima finally released gameplay footage from his most anticipated game, Death Stranding. Since leaving Konami in 2015, gamers all over the world waited for Kojima’s next move. We all wondered – will he work as an independent developer or will he join a different gaming company? Unsurprisingly, Kojima chose…

Konami and kojima split seems mutually beneficial

Konami and Kojima Split Seems Mutually Beneficial

The breakup between Konami and Hideo Kojima back in late 2015 wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. Konami was, by no means, subtle as they severed ties from their employee of 30 years. The news was a crushing blow for Silent Hill fans, especially the ones who got to try out PT before Konami stripped it away….

‘silent hills’: everything we know so far

‘Silent Hills’: Everything We Know So Far

Last August, Sony made available a downloadable demo called “P.T.” (which, it was later revealed, stood for “playable trailer”) that was developed by a company named 7780s Studio. Those who downloaded this trailer and played it discovered that it was actually a preview for Konami’s newest entry in its legendary video game series Silent Hill,…

Kojima defends potentially sexist character design…poorly.

Kojima Defends Potentially Sexist Character Design…Poorly.

There has been quite a bit of talk surrounding the comments of Metal Gear Solid series creator, Hideo Kojima on Twitter. They almost exclusively surround the issue of a new female character to be in MGSV named “Quiet.” Quiet is a female sniper character who as of yet has not had much revealed other than…

Hideo kojima “loves sony” but is going multi-platform

Hideo Kojima “loves Sony” but is Going Multi-platform

The Metal Gear Solid series and its creator Hideo Kojima have always had strong ties with Sony and their PlayStaion consoles. According to VG247, a recent interview with Edge magazine saw the legendary developer voice his plans to go multi-platform with future releases. Kojima also says he respects Sony and appreciates what they have done…