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Power up and pay attention with vigo

Power Up and Pay Attention with Vigo

Energy gauges are useful. They tell you when your phone is close to calling it quits, when you need to immediately save in order to avoid losing progress on your laptop, and how far your car can get you before you need to fuel it up. But the truth is, we humans get tired too–…

Win it! Astro a50 battlefield 4 edition wireless headset

Win It! Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition Wireless Headset

Win It! – Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition Wireless Headset ($299 Value) Enter now! Geek Insider is giving away one (1) Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition Wireless Headset to a lucky winner, Courtesy of Astro Gaming! Use the widget below to enter and win. Don’t forget to ‘like’ Geek Insider on Facebook and share with your…

Tritton kunai headset – review

Tritton Kunai Headset – Review

Ah, Tritton. Although not as well known as other gaming headset companies, Tritton (sister company of gaming-giant MadCatz) has always been a personal favorite of mine. Of course, that means I get all school-girl giddy when I know that I have a shiny new Tritton headset to review. Officially announced at E3, the Tritton Kunai…

Focus headset: new tech claims to overclock brain power

Focus Headset: New Tech Claims to Overclock Brain Power

If you have ever wanted to give your brain a jolt of electricity to make it run in overtime, then you are in luck. The Focus Headset claims to overcharge the power of your brain by doing just that. By attaching small, built in, electrodes to your head, the Focus Headset claims to be able…

Astro gaming a50 gaming headset – review

Astro Gaming A50 Gaming Headset – Review

As most gamers will tell you, a solid gaming headset that will provide high-quality sound and comfort is essential to the gaming experience. The Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset, while one of the pricier headsets on the market, is one of the most incredible gaming headsets that I have come into contact with thus far….

Avantree hive bluetooth stereo headset review

Avantree Hive Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Recently, I’ve been reviewing a lot of headsets. Most of them have been specialty or gaming headsets that, while awesome, have a ton of features that someone looking for an everyday computer/phone headset would find superfluous. Obviously, a good yet simple headset is essential for those who need a good headset without all the fluff….

Mad catz freq 5 review

Mad Catz FREQ 5 Review

Mad Catz is becoming more and more well known for their gaming hardware such as keyboards and mice. The company made a big splash at CES this year with their STRIKE 7 keyboard and has just released yet another quality gaming (among other things) product: the FREQ 5 headset. Mad Catz has not manufactured a…