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Avantree Hive Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Recently, I’ve been reviewing a lot of headsets. Most of them have been specialty or gaming headsets that, while awesome, have a ton of features that someone looking for an everyday computer/phone headset would find superfluous. Obviously, a good yet simple headset is essential for those who need a good headset without all the fluff. The Avantree Hive Bluetooth Headset fits that bill to a tee.



  •  Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, Class 2, 10m
  •  Support Headset Profile, Hands free Profile, A2DP, and AVRCP
  •  Talk/Music time: Up to 18hrs
  •  Standby time: up to 8 days
  •  Charge time: About 3 hours
  •  Weight: About 180g
  •  Size: 180(L) * 170(W) * 71(H) mm

Simplistic Functionality

Although fairly simple, the Avantree Hive headset is a functional workhorse that acts as a reliable, no-frills addition to any office or workspace. The Avantree Hive has multiple features that make it an exceptional choice for anyone who needs a fully functional Bluetooth headset.

Wireless- Sometimes, being attached to your device via a cord is just a pain. The Avantree Hive alleviates this issue by providing a wireless connection option that functions with any Bluetooth capable device. Whether you are using the headset with your Bluetooth enabled laptop or your Galaxy Note 2, you’ll get crystal clear stereo sound every time, while completely unencumbered by cords.

Corded Option- While having the option to connect to devices without wires is invaluable, sometimes you need a cord. My Samsung Galaxy S3 easily connects with the headset via Bluetooth. However, my laptop is not Bluetooth enabled, so the corded option comes in very handy when switching between devices. Oddly, the cord used to connect to devices is bright red and slightly large. I found this to be slightly surprising as it doesn’t really match the motif and is kind of obtrusive.

Extended Working Time- The Avantree Hive is beyond dependable in the working -time department. On a full charge, the headset will last up for up to 18 hours of music or talk time. Essentially a whole day of cord-free functionality. Simply charge it over-night when you leave to office, and the Hive will be ready to go again in the morning.

Auto-Connection- No more struggling to get that Bluetooth connection going! The Avantree Hive automatically recognizes devices with Bluetooth enabled and will sync up with them automatically. This feature in itself makes the Hive worth purchasing, in my opinion.

Comfort and Wear-ability

Even the greatest functioning headset is useless if it doesn’t feel comfortable when you wear it. The Avantree Hive proved to be reasonably comfortable and lightweight. I appreciated the lightweight feel, as they did not start to grow heavy on my head, even after extended wear. The ear cups had a decent amount of padding that made them comfortable to wear without feeling bulky. They fit well over my ears and did a good job of keeping out any ambient sound.

The head band, while comfortable, could have used a bit more padding since there is none to speak of. However, the lack of padding did not hurt my head and likely made adjusting the headset to the proper fit, a slightly easier task.

While a good microphone is essential to those who use their headsets to make calls, I appreciated the fact that the Avantree Hive did not have an extended microphone that wraps around the users face. Instead, the microphone is hidden inside one of the ear cups. It functions just as well as an external microphone without the hassle of having it hang in front of your face.

The Bottom Line

The Avantree Hive, while not top of the line, is an excellent choice for anyone who might need a quality headset that will not cost and arm and a leg. Not only is the hardware durable and comfortable, the features (both Bluetooth and corded) make this headset stand out in a sea of mediocre choices.  At a price almost anyone can afford, you can’t go wrong with the Avantree Hive as a headset choice for your home or office.







  1. Can anyone tell me how good the noise blocking is on these? I want to wear these on the bus and the engine is really loud. For me, a set of pilot headphones would be nice, but I cannot afford it. Now on sale at less than $40, I might get these… Are they any good near noise?

  2. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

    Well, I did not use them under any high-noise circumstances, but they did block out ambient noise really well. I put them on and played loud music in the same room while using them and I was not bothered by the sound. The ear cups fit really well around my ears and seemed to seal out any ambient noise. I think they would be a good purchase for you, and if it turns out that they do not work as well as you would like, you haven’t lost a ton of money and could likely return them. 🙂

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