Comic Book Superheroines, Wearing Pants

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Michael Lee Lunsford is an artist who’s reimagined costumes for beloved superheroines like Wonder Woman and SuperGirl. He’s put our favorite super-powered ladies in pants and full coverage versions of their classic battle leotards. Check out the images on his Tumblr here! The new outfits are remarkably true to the look and feel of the typical costumes, and the Lunsford’s reimagined characters are completely charming.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, comic book superheroines, wearing pants, comics

Superheroines Wearing Pants

On his blog, Lunsford notes that the project is not “some moral code I’m trying to push on you”, as much as an artistic exercise on character and costume. It’s hard not to look at these lovely pictures of practical and stylish superheroine gear without questioning the typical battle bikinis.

I particularly like the Zoltana one, because I’m always wondering how she can possibly be comfortable in a tuxedo jacket on top and panties on the bottom. Does she keep a magical temperature field around her so it’s always hot below the waist, and chilly above?

A similar project, The Hawkeye Initiative, invites artists of all sorts to take comic book scenes, and replace the heroine’s pose and outfit with Hawkeye in the same situation. Sexy Black Widow bending over in short-shorts, for example, becomes awkward Hawkeye bending over in short-shorts. The images are usually a giggle, but also raise questions about the presentation of women in comics. Here at Geek, Dana Towns has noted that the sexiest superheroines are the successful and bright ones, not just ladies in leotards.

Better writers than I, have taken on the hypersexualization of women presented in comics, and I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions and think your own thoughts. Still, I’m very pleased to see  our super-powered lady friends finally have some warm pants to wear while fighting evil.

Check out Michael Lee Lunsford’s superheroines in pants here, and let us know what you think!

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