Online book retail flourishes, but physical books not dead

Online Book Retail Flourishes, But Physical Books Not Dead

A 2013 report from BookStats released this year has shown what we’ve been waiting to happen for years: online book sales have surpassed the brick and mortar variety. “Online book sales” includes both ebooks and physical copies ordered over the internet, so technophobes can rest easy knowing that being able to hold hundreds of titles in…

Amazon and hachette battle for the book industry

Amazon and Hachette Battle for the Book Industry

Online superstore Amazon is squabbling with Hachette book group, one of the world’s top five publishers, in a dispute that may define the future of the publishing industry. Customers are raising complaints that books published by Hachette are available at full price instead of the normal discount, are taking many long weeks to ship, or…

Usb digital library: over 3,000 books on the go

USB Digital Library: Over 3,000 Books on the Go

Whenever you discuss your taste in books to someone, there is one topic that seems to always pop up: classic literature. No matter where this conversation goes, it will end up making you feel like you’re not a true fan of the art of literature because you still have not read Moby Dick or Sense…

Five last-minute-gift ebook titles

Five Last-Minute-Gift eBook Titles

As the holiday season draws ever nearer, some of us are scrambling to find last minute presents for loved ones that can still arrive in time for Christmas morning. If you’re one of those facing down the clock, something you might be overlooking is an eBook– easy to purchase and guaranteed to arrive on time….