Surviving a fandom hiatus without dying of feels

Surviving a Fandom Hiatus Without Dying of Feels

These past few weeks have been eventful for members of the Dr. Who and Sherlock fandoms. Season seven of BBC’s Dr. Who ended this past Christmas with Matt Smith’s regeneration and Peter Capaldi’s much awaited arrival. Filming for season eight began on January 6th, but the premier will likely not air until well into fall of 2014. Similarly, the third season’s second…

Doctor who – how to become a whovian?

Doctor Who – How To Become A Whovian?

My friends are generally fairly rational, balanced human beings. But something unusual happened over the previous weekend. I was with a friend of mine Saturday night as we headed to a novel-writing session in London, and she was becoming increasingly agitated. Words became harder to fathom from her, and when they came they were blurted…

10 hilarious doctor who quotes

10 Hilarious Doctor Who Quotes

Whether the BBC show Doctor Who is new or old to you, or you’ve just caught bits and pieces, its hilarity is apparent to all. Even in the most desperate of times or saddest of moments, Doctor Who still finds a way to make viewers smile. The love for the show comes through the screen…

10 doctor who moments that made us cry

10 Doctor Who Moments That Made Us Cry

Doctor Who can be a heart-wrenching, stomach-churning mistress. Amidst the jokes, silliness, and Eleven’s wide array of amusing hats, there is the constant possibility of tears. And I do mean constant. 10 Memorable Doctor Who Moments It’s a given that fans will be sad when their favorite companion or Doctor is scheduled to exit the…

5 facts you never knew about doctor who

5 Facts You Never Knew About Doctor Who

The Doctor is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters ever to grace our TV screens. With fifty years under its belt, the show itself is expected to have a few secrets of its own. Although these might not be quite that dramatic, here are a few lesser known facts you never knew about Doctor Who….