10 tv series you should binge watch before they leave netflix

10 TV Series You Should Binge Watch Before They Leave Netflix

Who doesn’t get enthusiastic for a day’s relaxation looking at a TV series that just keeps you there? Netflix has much to offer and its seems to be generous when it comes to quality TV series. You have so many to choose from, even from the high-ranked ones. There’s a popular items list, a new…

8 geeky gifts every nerd will freak out over

8 Geeky Gifts Every Nerd Will Freak Out Over

We all have that one geeky friend in our lives. It can sometimes be hard to pick out a gift for them because of how oddly specific their tastes can be. Some geeks like anime, sci-fi, or thrillers in their TV shows. Other geeks are simply movie buffs, and many simple just like having the…

The top 6 anti-heroes on tv

The Top 6 Anti-Heroes On TV

Television has changed significantly in the last few decades, and I’m not talking about the addition of sound and color. Those have certainly made some programs more enjoyable though. No, I’m talking about the evolution of protagonists, from our all-around Disney-certified moral angels to the dark and tormented anti-heroes who enjoy waltzing with the blurred…

How to binge-watch a tv show

How to Binge-Watch a TV Show

As our society moves towards a new way of absorbing media, the average viewer is still learning to adjust to the idea of binge-watching. As it is now, binge watching can be a serious drain on productivity, it can destroy your social life, and it can lessen the experience of watching the show over time….

Eric san juan’s dissection of breaking bad

Eric San Juan’s Dissection of Breaking Bad

Warning: If you have not watched Breaking Bad in its entirety, you might want to avoid reading this article, as it contains spoilers to the series. September of 2013 marked the end of Breaking Bad, a show that had fans on the edge of their seats and emotionally attached to America’s new greatest hero-villain, Walter…

Walter white: not the fine man you take him for

Walter White: Not The Fine Man You Take Him For

The last half of season 5 of Breaking Bad is approaching, a high-octane finale which promises to be what show-runner Vince Gilligan had envisioned from the start. Over the past few years, the brain behind Breaking Bad has done a fantastic job of showing Walter White’s slow descent into hardened criminality, until he is unrecognizable…