Battlefield 4 naval strike dlc update available for xbox one users

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Update Available for Xbox One Users

Although it was announced that the update for the first person shooter would be delayed till early April due to “issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations”. But the studio was able to work out these issues and the expansion is now available to Xbox…

Free dlc deal: battlefield 4 handgun kit from dice

Free DLC Deal: Battlefield 4 Handgun Kit from DICE

The month of February Battlefield 4‘s “Player Appreciation” month. Experienced players and newbies alike will get several bonuses including a daily Battlepack give away for those who log in, but more importantly two Shortcut Unlock packs will be release. Just yesterday the Handgun Shortcut Kit showed up for FREE on Origin for the PC. The…

Battlefield 4 gets a pc patch, long list of fixes

Battlefield 4 Gets A PC Patch, Long List Of Fixes

‘Bout time! Battlefield 4 gets an update today, and it sports a long list of fixes.   Battlefield 4 Patch Fixes A Lot Of Issues Today, Battlefield 4 is set to receive a much needed update that will be solving several issues, including Quantum Leaping and friendly-fire problems. Here is a comprehensive list of everything…

Battlefield 4 review

Battlefield 4 Review

Developers are facing a difficult dilemma right now. Do they develop games for the next generation, or for the old generation? Or do they attempt some kind of mix of the two? Developing a game to run on the Xbox One and PS4 has obvious advantages; they have so much more power to play with….

Battlefield 4 pre-order deal slashes price by 20%

Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Deal Slashes Price by 20%

The wait for Battlefield 4 is nearly at an end, but in one last push to boost pre-order sales, popular UK retailer GMG is offering a solid deal on the PC download Origin version of Battlefield 4. On Friday, GMG released a 20% off coupon code, and you can begin downloading the game right now (if…

Battlefield 4 Official Unveiling On March 26

DICE and EA are getting ready to unveil the next iteration of their Battlefield franchise. It is reported that Battlefield 4 will be revealed on March 26th to expand one of the most popular shooters ever. No extra details have emerged yet, so those wishing for something extra will have to wait for more details….