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Ryan phillippe’s thrilling comeback on ‘secrets and lies’

Ryan Phillippe’s Thrilling Comeback On ‘Secrets and Lies’

Ryan Phillippe is starring in ABC’s newest hit television crime series, Secrets and Lies, and he’s making quite the comeback. Hollywood has not heard Phillippe’s name in a necessarily big role for a few years, but his new role as the prime suspect in a neighborhood murder is making heads turn and we are hooked!…

Agents of shield: marvel’s television tie-in picked up by abc

Agents of SHIELD: Marvel’s Television Tie-In Picked Up By ABC

In 2012 an odd thing happened. After “The Avengers” was released and every movie-going person in the world saw the film, its box-office receipts ballooned to a ridiculous amount. That wasn’t the odd part though. Even with Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk carrying the screen time, a group of devoted fans clung to…