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Ryan Phillippe’s Thrilling Comeback On ‘Secrets and Lies’

Ryan Phillippe is starring in ABC’s newest hit television crime series, Secrets and Lies, and he’s making quite the comeback. Hollywood has not heard Phillippe’s name in a necessarily big role for a few years, but his new role as the prime suspect in a neighborhood murder is making heads turn and we are hooked! Phillippe plays the role of Ben Crawford, a painter and family man who finds the dead body of his five-year old neighbor while on his routine morning jog. Detective Andrea Cornell, played by Juliette Lewis, is determined to prove Ben is a child murderer. This brand new series continues with Ben committed to trying to seek out the real murderer while trying to clear his own name to his neighborhood and even his own family who begins to question his suspected “cruel intentions.”

Ryan’s Riveting Resurgence


We all know Ryan Phillippe for his major roles in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), Flags of Our Fathers (2006), Cruel Intentions (1999), and the ever popular thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). In Secrets and Lies, Phillippe’s character appears to be reminiscent of his role as Louis Roulet in The Lincoln Lawyer, as he is also accused of murder, but maintains a determined facade to prove his innocent name. Phillippe does a pretty good job convincing viewers that he might truly be a family man who just got wrapped up in an unpleasant circumstance.

Good Samaritan or Child Murderer?

The pilot opens with Ben Crawford (Phillippe) sprinting through the woods, in the rain, while screaming for help. Ben has just found the dead body of his five-year old neighbor, Tom Murphy. Immediately, Detective Andrea Cornell (Lewis) appears at his home for questioning. It appears that Ben’s eventful night of drinking with his buddy, Dave, the night before already puts him in a sticky situation as he cannot recall what time of the morning hours he arrived home. Already, it becomes easy for the intimidating Detective Cornell to point fingers directly at him along with the rest of the world as viewers watch this murder mystery on the nightly news.

As the episode progresses, more juicy “secrets and lies” unfold that are certainly not in Ben’s favor. First, we find that Ben was out the night prior to Tom’s death because he and his wife, Christy, were fighting after Ben cheated on her with Jessica Murphy, Tom’s mother. Steadily, more people around Ben are found to have some sort of shady and suspicious tie to Tom, leading Ben to go to exceeding lengths to rule out any possible suspect. The show continues with Ben’s world in utter chaos as he tries to hold his family together while proving he is an innocent man and getting tangled up in everyone’s web of secrets.

It seems as though everyone in this neighborhood has skeletons in their closet and the doors are slowly opening! Could Ben be playing the good samaritan to mask his murderous mannerism? Who really is hiding the secrets and lies, Ben or the neighbors? Stay tuned to ABC every Sunday night at 9/8c to find out!

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