The Geekly Ramble: Geek Insider’s Weekly Roundup of the Weird, the Awesome, and the Just Plain “???”

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Alright well, here we are. Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Geekly Ramble, Geek Insider’s Weekly Recap of all things…well, geekish, that happened in the last seven days. The following will range from the highs of “Holy Freaking Yes!” to the more sombre notes or “argh” “blegh” and even the coveted “like, why?”. Strap in, muppets, it’s going to be a weird one. We apologize in advance. We only write about the news, we sure as heck don’t make it.

Poor, Poor Mr. Wilmore

First off, we have the gobsmackingly awful news that Comedy Central will be cancelling The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, a well liked, if somewhat underappreciated, spin-off of The Daily Show, hosted by ex-longtime Daily Show correspondent, Larry Wilmore. Duh. *Angrily suppresses desire to indite Comedy Central for putting him on a bad time slot* Phew, okay, that was close.

But it doesn’t end there.

Joss Whedon Dabbling in Musical Waters?

Oh no, of course not. There’s also the bizarre announcement by TV network CW that the series Supergirl and The Flash will have a crossover TV special in the form of a musical. Now, fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer might remember the musical episode “Once More, With Feeling” wherein characters were forced to sing by a demon who steals…souls, or something? Through song? I don’t know. I can’t remember the specifics, since I last saw it when I was still wearing briefs (it was the nineties, people), but damn do I remember the songs. It was one of the highest rated episodes of the entire series. Fun fact. Anyways, word on the street is that the man behind Buffy, longtime geek director heartthrob, shakespeare enthusiast, and human teddy bear, Joss Whedon, might be slated to take the helm on this crossover. That would be…interesting. Still freaking bizarre though.


Next up, human face-shifter and erstwhile actress (Is there a new Bridget Jones coming out or something), Renee Zellweger appropriately calls out the media and tabloids on the “negative fixation on appearance.” Noble attempt, but I fear the actress may have her work cut out for her. Especially with British tabloids. They tha worst. Let’s all continue to root her on from the comfort of our office chairs and living room couches while we continue to consume such vitriol at the same rate, shall we? Ok. Moving on.


OH MY GOD. Just when you thought humanity couldn’t get more laughable, someone comes up with an idea for rideable luggage for adults. I mean, the kid thing from a couple years ago was bad enough, but now they’ve managed to combine the non fun of riding a segway with the genuine suckiness that is being at an airport with forty pounds of private belongings gyrating underneath you. #airportlife.

Download (4)

I mean, look at those beauties!

Vinyl and Movies and Reviews, Hell yes

And finally, we have our own esteemed writer Patrick Philips coming in the clutch, reviewing the iTunes 99 Cent Movie of the Week, Pele: Birth of a Legend, and the Vinyl Me Please review of Morning Jacket “Z.” Buddy just sunk a couple of threes, right out the gate. Check ’em out above.

And sadly, there our journey ends, dear reader. Until next week that is, when we have a whole new slew of crazy stuff to dissect. Till then, goodnight sweet princes and princesses and “geek on.” Get it? It’s like a Johnny Storm reference? Johnny Storm? Fantastic Four? Anybody? Anybody?!

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