In which the ‘true detective’ season 3 season finale almost breaks me

In Which the ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Season Finale Almost Breaks Me

Popular wisdom on narrative fiction suggests being concise, economical. Choose the right words and make them few. Say it fast. The world that is fascinating in your mind as a writer, that you can see so clearly, loses speed and intensity if you get too verbose. Know what it important, necessary, to tell your story,…

The truth about ‘true detective’ season 3

The Truth About ‘True Detective’ Season 3

Let us address first the peculiarity of jumping into episodic reviews, five episodes into True Detective, season three, and then speak no more of it. I recognize that it is an odd and perhaps jarring decision, but to be fair, True Detective is an odd and often jarring show. Time’s a flat circle, so let’s…