Will youtube trolls come back thanks to google+ name policy change?

Will YouTube Trolls Come Back Thanks to Google+ Name Policy Change?

The recent change in the name policy for Google+ has sparked a great deal of controversy in relation to trolls and anonymity. According to Google’s announcement from July 15th of the changes, they took place because of all of the feedback they have received about how unclear and disliked the previous name policies have been,…

How gamer to gamer hate is destroying games for everyone

How Gamer to Gamer Hate is Destroying Games for Everyone

Trolling today seems to go hand in hand with online gaming—even going so far as to become a way of life in certain communities. Summoners on League of Legends call it “ELO Hell”, and to everyone else it’s known as “Xbox Live”. More or less we’re looking at the online gaming environment as it becomes,…

A troll by any other name….

A Troll By Any Other Name….

In light of the Huffington Post jumping on the band wagon of making users verify who they are (and possibly making them sign their comments with their own name), we’re seeing a shift in how the Internet works. With trolls a major pest problem, requiring people to use their real names seems like the most…

Twitter, ask. Fm, suicides, and one direction

Twitter, Ask.fm, Suicides, and One Direction

You might have noticed the last few weeks on the Internet have been, for want of a better word, tragic. At the beginning of last month, Twitter made headlines after Caroline Criado-Perez, who had fronted a successful campaign to put Jane Austin on the £10 note, was barraged by tweets threatening rape, murder and more….