The mandela effect & freaky flip-flops

The Mandela Effect & Freaky Flip-Flops

If you’ve seen my Geeky, Cheeky & Downright Freaky show or you’ve personally experienced the Mandela Effect on any level, you’ve probably seen a few things that were indeed “downright freaky.” However, no matter what your “main” Effects are, there is a group of events that tend to sincerely shake observers to their very core….

Was 1989 a pivotal year for the mandela effect?

Was 1989 a Pivotal Year for the Mandela Effect?

If you’ve read my past spins on the Mandela Effect, including changes to the Bible and popular things from my childhood, then you know that I am, what I consider, extremely “Effected.” However, one thing you should keep in mind is that I do take extreme caution before I classify a Mandela Effect (ME) as…

Exclusive interview with the cast of ‘the mandela effect’

Exclusive Interview With the Cast of ‘The Mandela Effect’

What a week this has been. From the exclusive private screening of The Mandela Effect to meeting with writer/director David Guy Levy and co-star Robin Lord Taylor, Geek Insider has been treated to the inside scoop.  And it’s not quite over yet. The same day that I sat down with Levy and Taylor, I had…

Private screening movie review: ‘the mandela effect’

Private Screening Movie Review: ‘The Mandela Effect’

I just completed an early screening of The Mandela Effect and I have to say folks, I think you’re going to love this one. Most of you know that I’m already slightly interested in the Mandela Effect itself, having penned several articles on the subject in the past couple of years. However, I also happen…

Mandela goes to hollywood: new trailer is causing excitement

Mandela Goes to Hollywood: New Trailer is Causing Excitement

Most of us have known for awhile that a movie regarding the Mandela Effect was in the works. With the ever growing “popularity” of the Effect and more and more people realizing that they are “Effected,” we knew it was just a matter of time.  However, since so many books and independent movies seem to…