The Mandela Effect & Freaky Flip-Flops

Mandella effect

If you’ve seen my Geeky, Cheeky & Downright Freaky show or you’ve personally experienced the Mandela Effect on any level, you’ve probably seen a few things that were indeed “downright freaky.” However, no matter what your “main” Effects are, there is a group of events that tend to sincerely shake observers to their very core.

Of course I’m referring to Mandela Effect Flip-Flops.

 No, not your favorite slip-on $5 a pair summer shows. I’m talking about the Earth-tilting experience of witnessing a specific change, only to see it change yet again. 

For many Effected by this group, they’ve known a particular item or event to be a certain way and then they learn that it has “always been” different. Then a short time later, it’s BACK to they way they originally remembered.

For others, things seem to change right before their eyes and ears. 

And trust me, I’m not referring to any sort of crap like the Laurel/Yanny vocal phenomena thing that freaks me out because I hear both. Anyway, some people hear Yanny while others hear Laurel but this some sort of “perception” issue and is nowhere near what I’m talking about today

I’m talking about actual changes to an individual’s reality. 

Flip Flops & the Mandela Effect

There’s a reason observers of these events are shaken to the cores. Unfortunately, I happen to be one of them. While I haven’t personally been a witness to all of the Flip Flop Mandela Effects we’re going to talk about today, I CAN tell you from personal experience that it can make you feel like you’re losing your damn mind.

So before you say we’re all suffering from mental illness, trust me, every last one of us has considered it. Lucky for me, I had a witness to almost every single one I was “lucky” to observe.

Not to mention, there are untold hordes of people that have experienced these exact same events. Not slight variations. Exactly the same. 

Well… almost anyway.

What will completely flip your lid is — everyone seems to experience the Mandela Effect Flip Flops at different times. Some saw the Flip a few years ago and then it Flopped just recently. Some had the whole process play out in a matter of days. Yet others, are still in what they consider the middle, where one of the more popular Flip Flops has Flipped for them, but they’re still waiting for the other shoe of Mandela’s to drop.

Okay, I know that can sound a bit confusing and maybe a little more than crazy, but we’re going to get into the actual events now and I think you’ll understand then why the Mandela Effect Flip Flops are so damn freaky.

Forrest Gump & Mama

This is one that my new wife and I witnessed together. Now many of you are probably aware by now that there’s not a single spot in the entire move where Forrest says “My Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

That’s an extremely popular Mandela Effect as it is now, and “always has been,” said by Forrest as “My Mama always said, life WAS like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”

However, I’m referring to another scene that actually deals with those same damn chocolates and as I was researching this, we actually discovered that we’re apparently in the middle of yet another Flip Flop on this.

When we first discovered it, in the scene where Mama is dying she tells Forrest that “Life’s a box of chocolates” but on subsequent viewings it had changed to “Life is a box of chocolates.”

The scene stuck with us both because she never says “like” and we were both shocked to see the change.

Then it went back to “Life’s” the last time we watched.

No biggie, we’re actually kind of used to this shit now.

But then when I went to find the scene to share, it is once again back to “Life is a box of chocolates”

I swear… Mandela Effect Flip Flops are the freakin freakiest.

Apollo 13 

I actually haven’t experienced this one and that’s likely because I haven’t seen the movie more than once. However, there are a LOT of people that run into this one.

And it’s a twofer!

There is an impressive group that has witnessed the famous scene of the movie alternate back and forth with the actual event.

In the movie, Tom Hanks says, or at least now, “Houston, we have a problem” while the real audio said “Houston, we’ve HAD a problem”

Here’s the movie version:

Movie – -119

And the actual recording:

Actual – – 3:17

If you go online you can see long chains of folks discussing their love of both space exploration and the movie and how Hanks has said “Had a problem” in order to be historically accurate, but then it suddenly switched to “Has.” However, there are also scores that discuss that is started as Has, changed to Had, and is now back to Has.

Even more trippy… there are those that swear they’ve witnessed this Mandela Effect Flip Flop more than once.

The Flintstones

This is another one that I haven’t personally experienced and while it doesn’t make any sense to me on why it would change in the first place, there are too many out there that have experienced it for me to ignore it. While I’ve personally always known the cartoon to be Flintstones, F-l-i-n-t, there are those that have vivid memories of it once, or twice, being Flin, F-l-i-n.

The skeptics love to pick on this one because the fact that there’s no such thing as a flinstone and the whole show had references to actual stones (Rubble, Slate, just to name a few) but as far as the Mandela Effect goes, this does indeed fall into the category. 

Why? Because a large group has the exact same memory.

And yes, there are many out there that state they’ve seen it go from Flintstone, to Flinstone, and back to Flintstone.

The Dilemma of Dilemna

Yet another one my wife and I experienced together and one that many have had the misfortune of encountering as well. Many of you may recall learning to spell this awkward word as D-i-l-e-m-N-a and were a bit perplexed to learn that it is, and has “always been,” D-i-l-e-m-M-a.

It’s another classic Mandela Effect.

However, it turned into a Flip Flop for us because when I first discovered this particular one we happened to look it up and immediately brushed it off as that thread being filled with nutcases. The dictionary clearly showed D-i-l-e-m-N-a, just as we both remembered.

It wasn’t a week later that I went to use the word and got dinged on the spelling. So imagine my surprise when I looked it up and it was now, and once again had always been, D-i-l-e-m-M-a.

I asked Brenda for verification and (thankfully) she remembered prior events exactly as I did. So she too was a bit floored at the change.

However, I saved the biggest one for last.


Screw You Toucan Sam

This one actually slammed me face first down the rabbit hole a little over 3 years ago. I had just recently found the Mandela Effect thanks to Louie Anderson suddenly no longer being dead and so I was spending many an evening going through the various forums, videos, and websites looking for all the ones I shared.

When I came across a certain cereal from my childhood (okay, who am I kidding, I still eat cereal daily regularly) and people were saying it had changed, I was ready to immediately mark it as another “these folks are nuts” topic.

And then I was stopped dead in my tracks.

I knew this cereal quite well. In fact I have a super strong anchor memory to it because my late wife used it as an online chat handle in the 90’s. I had “always known” it to be Froot Loops. F-r-o-o-t.

So when I saw people saying it was, and “always had been” Fruit spelled the traditional way, I knew they were wrong. A quick web search and…


It WAS Fruit

Brenda and I had just started dating at the time and admitted later that she thought I may well be completely nuts. 

My world went spinning. There was NO way. 

For us, it only lasted a few days and then was suddenly, magically, maddeningly Mandela’d yet somewhat-comforting back to F-r-o-o-t.

Again, I was SUPER thankful that I had a witness. Although she might not thank me for it as she is now way down the rabbit hole with me.

And the thing is… there are tons and TONS of people that have experienced this same flip flop. Several years ago and even up to as recently as a few months ago.

Some even remember growing up with it “always” being F-r-u-i-t and so they’ve pretty much experienced it as a basic Mandela Effect.

However, in my opinion this is by far the most popular Mandela Effect flip flop and one that continues to ensnare people today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just experienced the Froot Loops flip-flop. No idea when exactly it happened, since I normally don’t pay attention to Froot Loops, my teeth don’t like those colorful cereals. But I noticed it about a week ago, August ’23, when I saw the box spelled that way on a table in a TV show. I’m familiar with the Berenstain Effect, which is what I advocate calling it. (Maybe if enough people start calling it that, we can turn it into a Berenstain Effect, and it will always have been called the Berenstain Effect.) But until now, it had never blown my mind or anything. I resonated with a few items, and could’ve sworn they were as the BE memories would have them. That level of the Mandela/Berenstain effect didn’t bother me especially, I can pretty much rationalize anything away. But this I can’t. I mean I can, it could easily be me tricking myself into believing I’ve had this crazy experience that I’d previously heard mention of online, but consciously forgotten about. . . and I’m experienced enough to believe that the brain/mind can create just about anything it wants to, and can pull devious stunts of self-manipulation like this just to satisfy a personal wish, or for some other reason, or no reason at all, possibly. That just about anything’s possible in regard to things outside the realm of normal human experience, also that human rationality is not necessarily one of the best tools to use in searching for or discovering the nature of reality. “Reality”? Could be that the concept of reality is flawed, or that all or most of our concepts are built on false premises.
    To my thinking, this experience could mean one of several things: We’re living in a simulation — we’re living in a Multiverse — I just can’t trust any of my memories, and may be insane to some unknown degree (although apparently I’m not alone in this particular cereal delusion, if it is that, which is comforting) — or some combination of the above. Because who’s to say that we’re not in a series of nested simulated multiverses, and also that I can’t trust my memory at all and crazy is just the human condition?
    Have a nice day.

    1. Matthew Harris says:

      Hi there, welcome to the Froot/Fruit Loops rabbit hole. I’ve experienced a lot of the various Effects but as this one was my first flip-flop, it’s one of my most disturbing. My wife and I approach each “discovery” with skepticism and while we’re on the fence as to whether it is time travel, simulation, or multi-verse, whenever we see something change we simply say “we changed earths again.”

      Our memory can’t be trusted but when 10s of thousands of people remember things exactly the same wrong way, it seems fishy.

      Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you again in the next earth. LOL