May the fourth be with you as you watch the rise of skywalker

May the Fourth Be With You As You Watch The Rise of Skywalker

May the Fourth be with you.  That’s a sentence that most of us have grown up hearing. While some have emerged past the era, others still cherish this connection to the Star Wars universe.  That’s why, you may be pleased to hear that the The Rise of Skywalker Disney+ debut is finally here, marking its…

Why you shouldn’t believe that ‘rise of skywalker’ reddit thread

Why You Shouldn’t Believe that ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Reddit Thread

There is so much information out there, and sometimes it’s really difficult to discern what is the truth and what isn’t. It’s especially tricky when people who are crafty and well-informed (or know their way around various fandoms) know what to do to get something out there that will grab the attention of readers everywhere….

Star wars episode 9 (review)

Star Wars Episode 9 (Review)

This movie is a double edged light saber. Without spoiling anything, this movie is everything I’ve ever wanted from a Star Wars movie, which is so problematic because it comes in easily the worst circumstances this franchise could find itself in.  The Double Edged Light Saber Coming off the heels of the previous films, the…

Trek wars: star trek vs star wars

Trek Wars: Star Trek vs Star Wars

I know this is an age-old question now, but since I just saw Rise of Skywalker and other writers are already working on various articles around it, I thought I’d take a different approach. However, I didn’t want to simply try and give my opinion on whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better, especially since…

December movie preview: the rise of blockbusters

December Movie Preview: The Rise of Blockbusters

As much as we want to keep talking about Baby Yoda for the foreseeable future, let’s take a small break from him to reacquaint ourselves with Rey, Finn, Chewy and Leia. For the third time, Star Wars is billing a movie as the end of the saga. But unlike Return of the Jedi and Revenge…

Rocklove jewelry’s new ‘star wars’ collection

RockLove Jewelry’s New ‘Star Wars’ Collection

Just about every stylish geek out there knows that nowadays there are so many avenues for stylish fan wear—from Hot Topic pics to Her Universe styles and more. One of the best companies specializing in beautiful pop culture jewelry (and who often sells on Her Universe and other sites) is RockLove Jewelry. This company has…