Star wars episode 9 (review)

Star Wars Episode 9 (Review)

This movie is a double edged light saber. Without spoiling anything, this movie is everything I’ve ever wanted from a Star Wars movie, which is so problematic because it comes in easily the worst circumstances this franchise could find itself in.  The Double Edged Light Saber Coming off the heels of the previous films, the…

Ok dc, i’ll bite

Ok DC, I’ll Bite

(Possible Spoilers Ahead) DC thought that they would be able to reverse the Marvel formula by starting their franchise with their all-star ensemble, the Justice League. It wasn’t an entirely bad idea. The characters are known well enough around the world that they wouldn’t need their own films to introduce them like characters in the…

Drake breaks streaming records & changes the expectation of what we call an album

Drake Breaks Streaming Records & Changes the Expectation of What We Call an Album

I’ve always wanted to be More like Drake get rich off mixtape, expand my Views to a point where I’m So Far Gone that if you’re reading this it’s too late. Drake released his newest project More Life in March 2018, and by May 2018, he had broken records at the BBMAs. His trajectory in the…

Dc comics vs rotten tomatoes: ‘suicide squad’ movie review

DC Comics vs Rotten Tomatoes: ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Review

The best things hands down about the film are its characters and its style. This movie has been compared to Guardians of the Galaxy for its  comedy and ensemble cast and Deadpool for its hardcore violence and vulgarity, yet light tone. Which makes sense, but is really unfair because its style is nothing like any other movie….