Daniel radcliffe has some choice words for hollywood’s lack of diversity

Daniel Radcliffe Has Some Choice Words for Hollywood’s Lack of Diversity

Someone in Hollywood has finally said it. Daniel Radcliffe was quoted by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire saying Hollywood was lagging behind industries in encouraging diversity. Radcliffe also commented on how LGBT actors were constantly typecast and that fear causes them to not come out. We have to wonder if Radcliffe’s latest role in Imperium as undercover…

‘ghostbusters’ star leslie jones targeted on twitter by racists

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Targeted on Twitter by Racists

The remake of Ghostbusters was released July 9, and something negative besides the reviews is coming out of it. Since the film hit theaters, Leslie Jones has been attacked on social media platform Twitter. Users have been tweeting racially insensitive messages towards Jones. The images and messages are all racially related and target Jones only….

Five messed up video games you won’t believe exist

Five Messed Up Video Games You Won’t Believe Exist

Video games are awesome. They can take you to other worlds filled with adventure, thrills, chills, and romance or, you know, into the deep, dark depths of someone’s twisted idea of what fun is. This article is definitely about the latter so watch out, dear readers, this contains graphic content that some might find highly…