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Five Messed Up Video Games You Won’t Believe Exist

Video games are awesome. They can take you to other worlds filled with adventure, thrills, chills, and romance or, you know, into the deep, dark depths of someone’s twisted idea of what fun is. This article is definitely about the latter so watch out, dear readers, this contains graphic content that some might find highly offensive (hence why this list exists). Let’s start off with something light and humorous before we plunge into the dirty depths of gaming.

Frozen’s Anna Gives Birth

This game is not wholly scarring or visually offensive, it’s just ridiculous that it is aimed at young children. It did see a lot of controversy from parents who were angry this was available and being sold to children, despite the content.

Through the game’s cute little pictures, we learned that Anna has gotten married to Hans and is now pregnant, ready to give birth. The Frozen fan, assumedly a child, now gets to give Anna an injection and C-section to help her give birth.



It was first hosted on the iTunes App Store but has since been taken down. It can now be found on other websites. Though a bit inaccurate, at least this game was trying to be semi-educational… these next few games were not.


Custer’s Revenge

Messed up video games

Let’s move onto a game from the 1980s, a time of wholesome family values, Monopoly … and the rape of an indigenous culture…what? That’s right, this game, created by the company Mystique for Atari, features our “hero,” General George Armstrong Custer, dressed in nothing but a hat and boots dodging arrows so he can rape a Native American princess tied to a cactus.

Yikes. Yes, folks, that pixelated stick is Custer’s erect penis. Fun.

Other titles for this game have been “Westward Ho” and “The White Man Came” because of course. The company, Mystique, went further in their crusade to offend everyone on the planet by allowing test groups to play this before release and, of course, the two tests groups were composed solely of women’s rights group members and Native American groups. I guess, if you’re going to go for the Worst Game of All Time award, you may as well go big.


Battle Raper

Messed up video games

I think we all know where this is headed. Can you guess where this game is from? Japan. Yup. This will be the only entry from Japan because we all know that Japan is known for its hentai culture. The fighting game was designed by Illusion Soft and is pretty sick. At first, it seems like a regular game, besides the fact that if you hit your enemy enough, her clothes fly off. If you win though, that’s when it’s really, really awful. The winner forces fellatio on the loser while they weep, which is shown as a close up for the players.

I feel dirty and I haven’t even played the game. Highly not recommended. Apparently there’s a sequel that took out the forced sexual content so, there’s that I guess.

Let’s move on.


V-Tech Rampage

Messed up video games

That title is no joke and neither is the game. Originally hosted on Newgrounds, the game allows the player to act out the tragic events that happened at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. The creator, Ryan Lambourn, claims that this game was “just a joke” after receiving heavy criticism and anger. The game encourages you to kill as many students as possible and, if you refuse to kill your girlfriend, the game calls you a “wuss.”

Lambourn went on to create another foul game based on the Sandy Hook shootings, which claimed the lives of twenty children and six teachers. When confronted with his insistence on being a terrible human being, Lambourn claimed his games were art and he wasn’t concerned with how it made the victims’ families felt.


Ethnic Cleansing

Messed up video games

What this game lacks in good graphics, decent gameplay, and common sense; it more than makes up for it with gallons of racism, bigotry, and insanity. It’s a game made for Microsoft Windows computers created by the American White nationalist organization, National Alliance, and published by its record label Resistance Records on January 21st, 2002 (that’s right, they published it on Martin Luther King Jr. Day). The game has one level and you get to play as a neo-Nazi or Ku Klux Klan member.

You start off in a place like New York and complete the objective of killing African Americans and Latinos. Then you go into the subway system to kill Jews. The final boss is at the “Yiddish Control Center,” where a fictionalized version of Ariel Sharon, then Prime Minister of Israel, is directing plans for world domination.


Sorry readers, I’m sure you’ve lost a lot of faith in humanity after reading this article so here, have a cat:


Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, five messed up video games you won’t believe exist, entertainment, gaming

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  1. Blake Winter says:

    I cannot help but notice that the White Supremacy game introduction says ‘Your peoples enemies.’ You would think, if they wanted to claim superiority, they might have double-checked their use of punctuation.