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‘street fighter v’ gets new 3gb update for ps4

‘Street Fighter V’ Gets New 3GB Update for PS4

The classic Street Fighter V gets a massive new update for gamers. Make sure you clear your space for the beta version. Playable Beta is Closer Than You Think Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V has received a new update for PlayStation 4. Eventhub has reported that the update is 3GB and brings a beta version of…

Nintendo Wii U To Have Dual GamePad Functionality? Not Any Time Soon

Introduction Before diving into the content revolving around the headline, allow me to throw in a personal touch. When I first heard about the Wii U and it’s GamePad a few years ago, at first glance, I honestly wasn’t all that impressed. In hindsight, this was simply because I was determined to shun the system…

Tales of an average online gamer 3: online vs old-skool multiplayer?

Tales of an Average Online Gamer 3: Online Vs Old-Skool Multiplayer?

It’s probably not that much of a spoiler at this point to say that I like online multiplayer. I may only be average at online gaming (you guessed that from the title, right?) but I still enjoy it nonetheless, even when it’s at it’s most headbangingly annoying. Which is quite a lot of the time…

Game review: ‘planetside 2’ calls the masses!

Game Review: ‘Planetside 2’ Calls the Masses!

Anyone Geek playing games in the nineties will remember Doom. They probably also remember games like Quake and Counter-Strike(very late nineties). FPS games have given us all sorts of new avenues to explore our love of gaming. While the graphics have improved and gameplay advanced, our gaming now owes a lot to those early games….