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Would you go the extra mile just to get a date to the moon like this billionaire?

Would You Go the Extra Mile Just to Get a Date to the Moon Like This Billionaire?

Its 2020, and Maezawa knows that there is a myriad of dating platforms, friendship websites, companionship solutions, and orientation-specific apps. However, he sees that we did seem to miss one portion of this ever-increasing in the evolving relationship search equation. Its wealthy single men looking for a date to travel to the Moon with.  Billionaire…

Moon express: the space-faring company with an appropriate name

Moon Express: The Space-Faring Company With An Appropriate Name

It’s not a pizza company, and it’s not an offshoot of Planet Express from Futurama, but it does have futuristic elements to it. Founded in 2010 by some aerospace mavericks, Moon Express has been watching the moon from afar, studying its crevices and plotting journeys into its immense monochromatic embrace. Like Twinkies and ‘80s-style shoulder…