Would You Go the Extra Mile Just to Get a Date to the Moon Like This Billionaire?


Its 2020, and Maezawa knows that there is a myriad of dating platforms, friendship websites, companionship solutions, and orientation-specific apps. However, he sees that we did seem to miss one portion of this ever-increasing in the evolving relationship search equation. Its wealthy single men looking for a date to travel to the Moon with. 

Billionaire Yusaka Maezawa

Yusaka Maezawa has found himself in the unique position of being listed for a tour of space on Space X’s commercial starship, which will make its trip in 2023. And it seems like Maezawa does not want to go alone. 

I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to go alone to the Moon either.

Maezawa and SpaceX

 Elon Musk announced in the latter of 2018 that Yusaka Maezawa would be the private passenger to go around the Moon in the Space X space vessel. With the help of Abema TV, Maezawa wants to find his partner with the whole world as his witness. He is to star in a dating show, which is the Japanese version of The Bachelor

But this is not the only way the billionaire plans to find the perfect match. He has announced a hunt for a life partner as well. The winner to the hunt or the show and Maezawa’s heart will be announced on the show Full Moon Lovers, which is also in collaboration with Abema TV. 

On Maezawa

Yusaka Maezawa is 44 years old and has made his fortune through creating the fashion retail brand Zozo.

Maezawa is very serious in his endeavor to find the one. In a statement, he talked about how lonely he is and on his feeling of emptiness. Yusaka feels that he is ready to commit himself to one person for life. 

The Unique Spouse

Maezawa is looking for a unique individual. The lucky spouse will be someone who not only would want to spend the rest of her life with Yusaka but will also want to take the risk of going to the Moon.

That’s going to be something exciting to follow as it takes place. I’m talking about the show and the trip out to the Moon. 

Go To the Moon With Me

Would he have to enforce this commitment legally? Is this possible? I love you, but you have to go to Moon with me. If you change your mind, we’ll have to break up.

That’s heavy but legendary.

Who’s interested?

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