Grow Your Geekdom as a Blogging Influencer

I am always mystified by people who believe that Influencers are an “overnight success,” as if that was a real thing. Certainly, there are exceptions to every rule, but building influence through any medium, whether it is via blogging, livestreaming, or other creative endeavors, takes time, patience, and stick-to-it-iveness. Content creation is the foundation of…

Disney’s star wars: a marketing masterpiece

Disney’s Star Wars: A Marketing Masterpiece

There’s something to Disney’s business model.  It sets itself up as a company of dreams and wishes while simultaneously taking over every facet of media and raking in profits around the globe.  Their domination of the entertainment business has never been more apparent than in the last few years with the acquisition of both Lucasfilm…

Cartoons and female characters: where are the animated shows for girls?

Cartoons and Female Characters: Where Are the Animated Shows for Girls?

Cartoons are universal. We all watched them growing up: rich or poor, liberal or conservative, boy or girl. However, the latter seems to have lost its way somewhat recently. Over the last decade or so, the number of animated shows aimed at girls has dropped off significantly, and even more so the number of cartoons…

Digimon vs. Pokemon:  a retrospective in monster marketing

Digimon vs. Pokemon:  A Retrospective in Monster Marketing

There are some franchises that never truly dissipate. Some grow in scope or simply maintain their status quo even as the target audience grows old enough to understand how much marketing and propaganda was squeezed into their tiny heads to sell TMNT lampshades and Power Rangers dental floss. Two such franchises have battled for almost…

Room for improvement: breaking down the inconsistency of online advertising

Room for Improvement: Breaking Down the Inconsistency of Online Advertising

Most websites function primarily through advertising revenue, and there is typically no decent alternative. That something can be so pervasive yet function with such questionable efficacy is a source of great intrigue, and the sketchy metrics that abound regarding the specifics of its financial justifiability make me wonder if the whole system is fundamentally shaky….