The most memorable, ridiculous and awesome moments from the marvel cinematic universe: phase three

The Most Memorable, Ridiculous and Awesome Moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three

Phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe proves just how great a time it is for comic book fans and fans of action comedies. Of the seven movies released so far in phase three, we have epic team ups that seemed only possible to orchestrate with action figures and origin stories that are somehow still…

From ‘guardians of the galaxy’ to ‘mary poppins’: michael rooker addresses his future with marvel during spotlight panel at nycc

From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to ‘Mary Poppins’: Michael Rooker Addresses his Future with Marvel During Spotlight Panel at NYCC

(This post contains spoilers from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Walking Dead season 3.) Michael Rooker seems like a good guy. But there’s no denying that he has the look and gravelly voice of a villain. That combination presents a perfect fit for Rooker’s two most iconic roles of recent years. As…

Unboxing geek fuel’s mystery box for may 2017 – get $3 off!!

Unboxing Geek Fuel’s Mystery Box for May 2017 – GET $3 OFF!!

Geek Fuel is a subscription service that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping)….