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Unboxing geek fuel’s mystery box for may 2017 – get $3 off!!

Unboxing Geek Fuel’s Mystery Box for May 2017 – GET $3 OFF!!

Geek Fuel is a subscription service that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping)….

May movie preview: ‘guardians’ and ‘pirates’ welcome summer

May Movie Preview: ‘Guardians’ and ‘Pirates’ Welcome Summer

If I had to pinpoint one month that represented why I love going to the movies, it would be May. May movies are loud, fun, colorful, and meant to be seen on the big screen. Two years ago I wrote how Marvel has a hold on the month that represents the beginning of the summer blockbuster season….

‘guardians of the galaxy 2’ will have 5 after credits scenes!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Will Have 5 After Credits Scenes!

Those of you who have seen a few of the Marvel movies in the recent years will have noticed that there is a tradition of the After Credits Cut Scene. These tidbits, while often giving only a little away in terms of story, occupy the highest altar in the Marvel fandom, as they help people…